33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
May 15, 2023
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Side Aye

1.   The Dave Clark Five: On the Move – 1965
2.   The Tea Set (Pink Floyd): King Bee – 1964
3.   Soft Boys: Vegetable Man – 1980
4.   Slim Harpo: I’m A King Bee – 1957
5.   Surf Rider: The Loop – 1962
6.   Lord Buckley: Supermarket – 1959
7.   Bob Dylan: I Shall Be Free – 1963
8.   Richie Havens: Long Train Running – 1976
9.   The Ventures: Walk, Don’t Run ’64 – 1964
10. Malcolm Tomlinson: Antarctic Woman – 1979 *
11. Jon Brooks: The Wow! Signal – 2018 *
12. Men Without Hats: Antarctica – 1983 *
13. Pure Food and Drug Act: Eleanor Ribgy – 1972
Vintage Voices w DJ Betty w Laura Gillis
14. Doris Day: You Are My Sunshine  - 1950
15. Isnow: Anuri – 2023 *

Side B

1.   Sopwith Camel: Cellophane Woman – 1967
2.   The Ravelles: Psychedelic Movement – 1968
3.   Selina Martin: Smile – 2022 *
4.   Perth County Conspiracy: Keeper of the Keys – 1970 *
5.   Striped Bananas: Falling – 2017
6.   Maynard Ferguson: Jet – 1974 *
7.   Silverhead: Hello New York – 1973
8.   Bonny Raitt: Danger, Heartbreak Ahead – 1971
9.   Muddy Waters: Streamline Woman – 1979
10. The Greasemarks: Love My Woman – 1968 *
11. Blackie & Rodeo Kings: Where the River Rolls – 2017 *
12: Canadian Squires (The Band): Uh, Uh, Uh – 1965 *
13. Jorgen Ingmann: Apache – 1961
14. Gordon Lightfoot: Summerside of Life – 1971 *
15. Gordon Lightfoot: Seven Islands Suite – 1974 *
16. Gordon Lightfoot: Looking At The Rain – 1972 *
17. Buckwheat Zydeco: Zydeco Boogaloo – 1984 *
18. Canned Heat: Same All Over – 1969

*CanCon = 42 %

And Now for The Particulars:

Side Aye

1.   The Dave Clark Five: On The Move
(Dave Clark / Denis Payton)
Having A Wild Weekend: Capitol Records Canada: T-6137
Dave Clark: drums
Denis Payton: sax
Rick Huxley: bass
Lenny Davidson: guitar
Mike Smith: organ
Produced by Dave Clark, 1965

2.   The Tea Set (Pink Floyd): King Bee
(Slim Harpo)
Cambridge UK
Bob Close: lead guitar
Syd Barrett: guitar, vocals
Rick Wright: keys
Nick Mason: drums
Roger Waters: drums
Produced 1964

The Tea Set were a five piece band based in London England who were about to get rid of their lead guitar player and change their name to Pink Floyd. This is from an unreleased track produced in December 1964 when Bob Close was their lead guitarist. He has since said that what was needed for Pink Floyd to become the band that they became was for him to quit or else they would have quite possibly stayed another UK blues band.

3.   The Soft Boys: Vegetable Man
(Syd Barrett)
Underwater Moonlight: Attic Records ‎– LAT 1103
London UK
Robyn Hitchcock: guitar, vocals
Kimberley Rew: guitar, vocals
Matthew Seligman: bass
Morris Windsor: drums, vocals
Produced by Pat Collier and Soft Boys, 1980
Recorded by Pat Collier  at Alaska and James Morgan studios, London

Only the Canadian and German releases of this album included Vegetable Man. It was written by Syd at the band’s manager’s house with Syd describing his perceived state of mind and the clothes he was wearing at the time.  The song was an attempt to record a follow-up single to "See Emily Play", as well as the beginning of sessions for the album that would eventually become A Saucerful of Secrets. It was never released until appearing in 2016.

4.   Slim Harpo: I’m A King Bee
(James Moore a.k.a. Slim Harpo)
45 single bw I Got Love If You Want It: Excello Records 2113
Baton Rouge, LA
Slim Harpo: vocals
Gabriel "Guitar Gable" Perrodin: guitar
John "Fats" Perrodin: bass
Clarence "Jockey" Etienne: drums
Produced by J.D. Miller, 1957

James Isaac Moore aka Slim Harpo b. Lobdell, Louisiana January 11, 1924 / d. January 31, 1970 Baton Rouge, LA (46)

Slim Harpo’s first solo release, for Nashville based Excello Records in 1957, was "I'm a King Bee.  Harpo played guitar in his live shows, but he usually used other guitarists when recording. The Moody Blues reportedly took their name from an instrumental track of Slim's called "The Moody Blues".

The Rolling Stones recorded "I'm a King Bee" for their 1964 debut album. Mick Jagger has since commented "What's the point in listening to us doing 'I'm a King Bee' when you can hear Slim Harpo do it?" John Belushi performed it on a 1976 broadcast of Saturday Night Live. In 2008, Slim Harpo's original version of "I'm a King Bee" received a Grammy Hall of Fame Award

5.   Surf Rider: The Loop
(Ludie Priessman)
Ten Tons Of Wet: Condor Records CST 2468
Members unknown
Produced by Jean Daniel and Jack Millman, 1968

6.   Lord Buckley: Supermarket
(Richard Buckley)
Lord Buckley In Concert: Demon Verbals – VERB 4
Richard Buckley: vocals
Produced by Richard Bock, 1959

The snakes were diagnosed as the bane of Supermarkets by Lord Buckley way back in the 1950s and they’ve been jerking us around ever since it seems!

7.   Bob Dylan: I Shall Be Free
(Bob Dylan)
The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan: Columbia Records CS 8786
Bob Dylan: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Produced by John Hammond, Tom Wilson, 1963
Recorded at Columbia Studio A, NYC

Robert Allen Zimmerman b. May 24, 1941 (79) Duluth, Minn

8.   Richie Havens: Long Train Running
(Tom Johnston)
The End of the Beginning: A&M Records CS-4598
Brooklyn NY
Richie Havens: acoustic guitar, vocal
Tony Broussard: bass
Darryle Johnson: electric guitar
Joey Oliver: keys
William Smith: keys
Tessie Coen: percussion
Matt Moore: bg vocals
Danny Moore: bg vocals
Produced by David Kershenbaum, 1976
Recorded at A&M Studios, Clover Recorders, Sound Labs, Hollywood and Silvery Moon Studios
Mixed at Sound Labs, Hollywood
Mastered at A&M Studios by Bernie Grundman

Richard Pierce Havens b. Brooklyn, NY January 21, 1941 / d. April 22, 2013 (72) Jersey City, NJ

9.   The Ventures: Walk, Don’t Run ’64
(Johnny Smith)
45 single bw Cruel Sea: Dalton Records DO.96
Tacoma WA
Bob Bogle: bass
Don Wilson: guitar
Nookie Edwards: lead guitar
Mel Taylor: drums

Produced 1964

10. Malcolm Tomlinson: Antarctic Woman
(Scott Cushnie)
Rock And Roll Hermit: A&M Records – SP 4765
Toronto / UK
Malcolm Tomlinson: guitars, vocals, percussion
Danny Marks: guitars
Scott Cushnie: keys
Chris Vickery: bass
Wally Cameron: drums, percussion
Bert Hermiston: sax
Rick Morrison: sax
Produced by John Anthony, 1979
Recorded by Michael Getlin at Hit Factory,
New York & Eastern Sound, Toronto

11. Jon Brooks: The Wow! Signal
(Jon Brooks)
No One Travels Alone: Borealis Records BCD251
Toronto ON
Jon Brooks: vocal, guitars, iTanpura
Neil Cruickshank: guitar, vocals
Alec Fraser: bass
Ed Hanley: tablas
Produced by Alec Fraser, 2018
Recorded in an old dancehall somewhere in Hamilton ON
Mastered by Peter J Moore

Wow! From Brooks’ last album of new material – coz he has since released a redux of one of his earlier albums – released on vinyl.

12. Men Without Hats: Antarctica
Rhythm of Youth: Backstreet Records BSR-5436
Daniel A. Vermette: Acoustic Guitar
Michel Jerome: Castanets
Colin Doroschuk: Guitar
Stefan Doroschuk: Guitar, Violin
Martin Cartier: Percussion
Produced by Marc Durand, 1983
Recorded by Dixon Van Winkle

13. Pure Food and Drug Act: Eleanor Ribgy
(John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Choice Cuts: Epic Records KE 31401
Harvey Mandel: guitar, vocals
Don Sugarcane Harris: violin, vocals
Paul Lagos: drums
Victor Conte: bass
Produced by Skip Taylor, 1972
Recorded by Scott Schreck live at the Fresh Air Tavern, Seattle WA

A band formed by guitarist Harvey Mandel and Sugarcane Harris and Canned Heat’s Larry Taylor in early 1970. However, a poor work ethic meant few rehearsals and only one LP, recorded live in Seattle before the band broke up. 

Vintage Voices w DJ Betty w Laura Gillis

14. Doris Day w Frankie Yankovic And His Yanks: You Are My Sunshine
(Jimmy David / Charles Mitchell)
78 rpm bw The Comb And Paper Polka: Columbia – 39143
Doris Day: lead vocal
Frankie Yankovic: cordovox, vocal
Others not listed
Produced by Mitch Miller, 1951
Recorded by George Blood at Columbia Studios, NYC

Gina Burgess who calls her new musical project Isnow, is a well known, sought after violinist who blends various genres of music together into an unusual audio display that speaks. Mixed with Inuit throat singing in an ethereal array, it’s been getting rave reviews. Burgess, who originally performed with The Jerry Cans from Iqaluit as well as a four time ECMA winning and called Gypsophilia.

15. Gina Burgess: Anuri
(Gina Burgess)
Isnow: Ind GB022022VL
Mi’hma’ki NS
Gina Burgess: violin & Fiddle
Cynthia Pitsiulak: Contemporary Inuit Throat Singing
Jordan Stephens: double bass
Matt Gallant: drum kit
Greg Woiolner: drum kit
Ross Burns: percussion
Matthew Nuqingaq: Qilaut drum
Maryz: gong

Produced by Jace Lasek, 2023
Recorded by Thomas Stajcer at New Scotland Yard Studio
Mastered by Richard White

Side B

1.   Sopwith Camel: Cellophane Woman
(W Seivers)
The Sopwith Camel: Kama Sutra Records KLPS 8060
San Francisco CA
Peter Kraemer, vocal, sax
Terry MacNeil and William "Truckaway" Sievers, guitars
Martin Beard, bass
Norman Mayell, drummer
Produced by Erik Jacobsen 1967
Recorded by Val Valentin

The team of Producer Erik Jacobsen (born May 19, 1940) and recording engineer Val Valentin worked with Tim Hardin, The Lovin' Spoonful and Norman Greenbaum just to name a few. Sopwith Camel only put out one ‘real’ album during their tenure and, until recently, I believed that this was the only song with Cellophane in its title.

2.   The Ravelles: Psychedelic Movement
(Altobelli / Richtig / Alquist)
45 single bw She’s Forever On My Mind: Mobie Records 3430
Iron Mountain, Michigan
John Richtig: guitar
Ray Broullire: bass
Rand Alquist: drums
Tom Lucas: lead guitar
Carmella Altobelli: lead vocal
Brian Alquist: keys
John Heric: guitar
Produced by James H Manning Jr.
Released August 8, 1968

A pop band from northern Michigan who played between 1965 and 73, toured with The Buckinghams in the late 1960s. They got back together in 2017 for a reunion, for the first time, included all the original members. A rare psychedelic band who featured the lead vocals Carmella Altobelli.

3.   Selina Martin: Smile
(S Martin)
Time Spent Swimming!: No Label -  623339279314
Paris FR / Toronto / Packenham
Selina Martin: guitars, organs, synths, musical saw, vibraphone, programmed drums, samples
Doug Friesen: bass
Produced by Selina Martin, assisted by Alex Gamble, 2022
Mixed by Alex Gamble, assisted by Selina Martin
Mastered by Justin Gray

4.   Perth County Conspiracy: Keeper Of The Keys
(Richard Keelan)
The Perth County Conspiracy Does Not Exist: Columbia Records – ELS 375
Stratford ON
Cedric Smith: guitar, vocal
Richard Keelan: guitar, vocal
Michael Butler: bass
Terry Jones: guitar, vocal
George Taros: piano, vocal

Produced by John Williams and Perth Earth Ltd, 1970

One of the first Canadian folk bands to get a major label recording contract even though they claimed that They Didn’t Exist. Various members of the ‘collective’ wrote songs, sang songs and invented a new sense of harmony, blending seamlessly from one member to another. They put out two albums for Columbia and a few others independently in the 1970s.

5.   Striped Bananas: Falling
(Duncan Shepard)
Stone of Madness #125/200: Cosmic Sunshine Records 88295-57817
Danbury CT
Duncan Shepard: guitars, bass, mellotron, sitar, vocal
Chantelle Shepard: keys, bass, vocal
Andrew Lowden: drums, vocal
Produced by Duncan Shepard, 2017
Recorded in Michigan and New York
Mastered by AudioBay Mastering, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Formed in 2010. Their favourite Stones album: Their Satanic Majesties Request. Favourite Beachboys album: Smile. One of their influences: The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The Hollies, Iron Butterfly, The Seeds, Electric Prunes. That should tell you all you need to know about where they come from.

6.   Maynard Ferguson: Jet
(Paul McCartney)
Chameleon: Columbia Records KC 33007
Maynard Ferguson: trumpet, superbone
Stan Mark, Dennis Noday, Lynn Nicholson, Bob Summers: trumpets, flugelhorn
Randy Purcell, Jerry Johnson: trombone
Andy MacKintosh: also sax, flute
Brian Smith: tenor sax, flute, tambourine
Bruce Johnstone: baritone sax
Rick PIetrone: bass
Alan Zavod: keys
Dan D’imperio: drums
Produced by Teo Macero, 1974
Recorded by Stan Tonkel
Mixed by John Guerriere and Tim Geelan
Mastered by Jack Ashkinazy

Walter Maynard Ferguson b. May 4, 1928 Verdun QC / d. Aug 23, 2006 (78) Ventura, California

Ferguson came to prominence when he played in Stan Kenton's orchestra before forming his own big band in 1957. In 1959 he was a guest with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Leonard Bernstein, performing Symphony No. 2 by William Russo.  He moved his family to New York in November 1963 to live with Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, and their community from Harvard University. He and his wife Flo used LSD, psilocybin an other psychedelic drugs. They lived there for about three years, playing clubs and recording several albums. Ferguson was mentioned in Tom Wolf’s book, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, which detailed the psychedelic scene.

In 1967, as the Millbrook experiment was ending, Ferguson moved his family to India and taught at the Krishnamurti-based Rishi Valley School near Madras. He later moved to England and later to California.

Ferguson was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada in 2003

7.   Silverhead: Hello New York
(Des Barres)
16 And Savaged: MCA Records MCA-391
London UK
Rod Davies: guitar, vocals, percussion
Michael Des Barres: vocals
Nigel Harrison: bass
Pete Thompson: drums, keyboards
Robbie Blunt: guitar, vocals
Produced by Silverhead with Alan Harris and Stuart Wicks, 1973
Recorded by Rhett at Island Studios, London
Mixed by Alan Harris at AIR London Studios

One of my listeners, Jim Roberts, turned me onto this band. Silverhead got together in England in 1972 and were signed by Deep Purple's label ‘Purple Records’.  They recorded two studio albums, ‘Silverhead’ (1972) and ‘16 and Savaged’ (1973), and were a part of the British glam rock music scene. They did start recording a third album but broke up in ’74 before completing it.

8.   Bonnie Raitt: Danger, Heartbreak Ahead
(Clarence Paul / Ivy Hunter / William Stevenson)
Bonnie Raitt: Warner Bros Records WS 1953
Burbank CA
Bonnie Raitt: vocal, slide guitar
Chris Rhodes: bg vocals
Maurice Jacox: baritone sax
Steven Bradley: drums
Peter Bell, Russell Hagen: electric guitar
Freebo: fretless bass
Junior Wells: blues harp
John Beach: piano
Willie Murphy: piano
AC Reed, Eugene Hoffman: teno sax
Douglas Spurgeon: trombone
Voyle Harris: trumpet
Produced by Willie Murphy, 1971
Recorded by Dave and Sylvia Ray at Sweet Jane Studios, Minneapolis

Bonnie Lynn Raitt b. November 8, 1949 Burbank, California

Although the previous two songs had slightly different titles, they were the same song covered in totally different ways.

9.   Muddy Waters: Streamline Woman
(McKinley Morganfield)
Muddy Mississippi Waters Live: Epic Records – BL 35712
Chicago IL
Muddy Waters: slide guitar, vocal
Willie Smith: drums
Pine Top Perkins: piano
Bob Margolin: guitar
Jerry Portnoy: harp
Calvin Jones: bass
Luther Johnson: guitar
Produced by Johnny Winter, 1979
Recorded by Dave Still

McKinley Morganfield (b. Stovall Plantation near Clarksdale, Mi April 4, 1913 – April 30, 1983 Chicago)

In August 1941, Alan Lomax went to Stovall, Mississippi, on behalf of the Library of Congress to record various country blues musicians. "He brought his stuff down and recorded me right in my house," Muddy recalled in Rolling Stone, "and when he played back the first song I sounded just like anybody's records. Man, you don't know how I felt that Saturday afternoon when I heard that voice and it was my own voice. Later on he sent me two copies of the pressing and a check for twenty bucks, and I carried that record up to the corner and put it on the jukebox. Just played it and played it and said, 'I can do it, I can do it.'"

Muddy migrated up to Chicago in 1943, bought his first electric guitar in 1944 and began recording commercially for the Chess Brothers Aristocrat label in ’47.

10. The Greasemarks: Love My Woman
Griddle Greasin' Daddies EP: ind – no serial
Big Mark: Guitar,
Heartbreak Mark: vocals
Murry Robe: Drums
Steve G: Slap Bass.
Produced 2011

This Toronto Rockabilly band got together in 2007 and are still together with a couple of EPs and and LP to their credit.

11. Blackie & The Rodeo Kings: Where The River Rolls
(Colin Linden / Tom Wilson)
Kings and Kings: FU:M (File Under: Music) Records FUM068
Hamilton, Victoria, Nashville
Stephen Fearing: acoustic guitar, vocals
Colin Linden: acoustic guitar, dobro, vocals verse 1
Tom Wilson: acoustic guitar, vocals
Johnny Dymond: bass
Gary Craig: drums
John Whynot: piano, Wurlitzer
Kenneth Pearson: B3 organ
Bryan Owings: shakey things
Sam Palladino: vocals
Chris Carmack: vocals
Charles Esten: vocals
Jonathan Jackson: vocals
Produced by Colin Linden, 2017
Recorded by John Dymond and Colin Linden at Pinhead Recorders, Nashville TN
Mastered by Craig Calbi and Steve Falone at Sterling Sound, NYC

This is a companion album to 2011 album “Kings And Queens” featuring some of the bands favourite female artists. In 2017 they did it again with the men. This one features rodney Crowell, Vince Gill, Keb Mo, Buddy Miller and Nick Lowe, amongst others.

12: Canadian Squires: Uh, Uh, Uh
(Robbie Robertson)
45 bw Leave Me Alone: Apex Records 76964
Toronto, ON
Rick Danko, bass
Levon Helm, drums, lead vocal
Garth Hudson, keys
Richard Manuel, keys
Robbie Robertson, guitar
Produced by Harry Glover, 1965
Recorded and Bell Studios, New York City

13. Jørgen Ingmann & His Guitar: Apache
(Jerry Lordon)
45 Single bw Echo Boogie: Atco Records 6184
Copenhagen DK
Jørgen Ingmann: all instruments
Produced 1961

Jørgen Ingmann Pedersen (26 April 1925: 21 March 2015) aged 89

He was influenced by American guitarist and recording studio pioneer Les Paul. In the mid-1950s he set up his own studio where he developed techniques of multi-tracking and distortion, using his own accompaniment on bass and drums, and began recording under the name Jørgen Ingmann & His Guitar. Ingmann's 1961 version of Apache (originally recorded by The Shadows) charted at #1 in Canada on the CHUM Chart

And Now: Some Gordon Lightfoot songs:

14. Gordon Lightfoot: Summer Side of Life
(Gord Lightfoot)
Summer Side Of Life: Reprise Records  MS 2037
Orillia / Toronto ON
Gordon Lightfoot: guitar, vocal
Red Shea - guitar
Rick Haynes - bass guitar
Jerry Shook - guitar
Chip Young - guitar
Roy M. "Junior" Huskey - bass guitar
James Rolleston - bass guitar
Henry Strzelecki - bass guitar
Kenneth A. Buttrey - drums
Buddy Harman - drums
Jim Isbell - drums
David Brown - percussion
Farrel Morris - percussion
Vassar Clements - violin
Charlie McCoy - harmonica
Hargus "Pig" Robbins - piano
The Jordanaires (Gordon Stoker, Neal Matthews, Hoyt Hawkins, Ray Walker), background vocals

Produced by Joe Wissert  1971
Recorded & mixed by Rick Horton & Rex Collier at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville
Mastered by Bob MacLeod at Artisan Sound, Hoillywood

Gordon Lightfoot's seventh original album. The list above are the musician who are listed as having played on the album. Hard to say who actually played on this song.

15. Gordon Lightfoot: Seven Islands Suite
(G Lightfoot)
Sundown: Reprise Records MS 2177
Toronto ON
Gordon Lightfoot: vocal, 12 string guitar
John Stockfish: bass
Red Shea: lead acoustic guitar
Terry Clements: lead acoustic guitar
Gene Martynec: moog
Nick DeCaro: strings and horns
Produced by Lenny Waronker 1974
Recorded by Lee Herschberg at Eastern Sound, Toronto
Mastered at Warner Brothers Recording Studios, North Hollywood CA

Sundown is Gordon Lightfoot's tenth original album. It reached #1 in the US on the pop chart, the only Lightfoot album to achieve this. It is considered to be the crown jewell of all Lightfoot albums.

16. Gordon Lightfoot: Looking At The Rain
(Gordon Lightfoot)
Don Quixote: Reprise: 2056
Toronto, ON
Gordon Lightfoot: 6 & 12-string guitar, vocals
Red Shea: hi-string guitar, classical guitar, dobro
Terry Clements: lead acoustic guitar
Rick Haynes: bass
Nick DeCaro: string arrangements
Produced by Lenny Waronker, 1972
Recorded and Mixed and Mastered by Lee Herschberg at Amigo Studios in North Hollywood

This comes from my personal favourite Lightfoot album, Don Quixote, an all-round album full of remarkable songs. Everything about this album is top notch.

17. Buckwheat Zydeco: Zydeco Boogaloo
(Stanley Dural Jr)
Turning Point: Rounder Records 2045
Lafayette, LA
Stanley Dural: accordion, organ, piano, vocals
Selwyn Cooper: guitar
Calvin Landry: trumpet
Lee Allen Zeno: bass
Elijah Cudges: frottoir
Nathaniel Jolivette: drums

Produced by Scott Billington, 1984
Recorded by Blenn Berger and Ed Goodreau at Blue Jay Studio, Carlisle, Mass. April 1983
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Frankford / Wayne, New York City

Stanley Dural, Jr. b. Nov 14, 1947 Lafayette, Louisiana / d. Sept 24, 2016 (68) Lafayette

18. Canned Heat: Same All Over
(Canned Heat)
Hallelujah: Liberty Records LST 7618
Los Angeles, CA
Bob Hite: vocal, pigs
Alan Wilson: slide guitar
Henry Vestine: electric guitar, pigs
Larry Taylor: bass
Fito de la Parra: drums, pigs
Ernest Lane: organ
Elliot Ingber, Skip Diamond, Javier Batise: bg vocals

Produced by Skip Taylor and Canned Heat, 1969
Recorded by Richard Joseph Moore at I.D. Sound Recorders, Hollywood

The band was started by two blues enthusiasts Alan Wilson and Bob Hite, who took the name from Tommy Johnson's 1928 "Canned Heat Blues", a song about an alcoholic who had desperately turned to drinking Sterno, generically called "canned heat". The first big live appearance of Canned Heat was at the Monterey Pop Festival on June 17, 1967. A picture of the band taken at the performance was featured on the cover of Down Beat Magazine where an article complimented their playing, saying:

"Technically, Vestine and Wilson are quite possibly the best two-guitar team in the world.” They might not have been the best but they were mighty, damn close!

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