33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
May 4, 2020
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Show and Tell
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Hour One

1.   David Celia: Welcome To The Show: 2015 *
2.   Royal Canoe: Show Me Your Eyes: 2015 *
3.   Rush: Show Don’t Tell: 1989 *
4.   The Fallen Leaves: Show Me How To Love: 1966 *
5.   The Haunted: Horror Show: 1967 *
6.   Gerry & The Pacemakers: Show Me That You Care: 1964
7.   Hawkshaw Hawkins: Bad News Travels Fast: 1962
8.   Cat Mother: Bad News: 1969
9.   Dire Straits: News: 1979
10. John Prine: Six O’Clock News: 1971
11. Foxrun: Mystery News: 1981 *
12. Joan MacIsaac: The Man Who Does The News: 1982 *
13. Crowbar: Newspaper Song: 1971 *
14. Hedgehoppers Anonymous: It’s Good News Week: 1965

Hour Two

1.   The Standells: Dirty Water: 1966
2.   Elton John: Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy: 1975
3.   McGinty: Dirty Old Town: 1994 *
4.   Stevie Ray Vaughan: Dirty Fool: 1983
5.   Pete Seeger: The Flowers of Peace: 1964
6.   The Seeds: March of the Flower Children: 1967
7.   Simon & Garfunkel: Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall: 1966
8.   Willie P Bennett: Lace & Pretty Flowers: 1977 *
9.   Fred Eaglesmith: Flowers In The Dell: 1983 *
10. Johnny Rivers: Where Have All The Flowers Gone: 1966
11. Andrew Cash Band: Flowers: 1988 *
12. The Turtles: Rugs of Wood and Flowers: 1967
13. Rufus Guinchard & Kelly Russell: Flowers of Edinburgh: 1995 *

*CanCon = 48%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   David Celia: Welcome To The Show
(David Celia)
Double Mind: Seedling Music 088907212580

David Celia: guitars, vocals
Dave Clark: drums
Joan Besen: Wukrlitzer
David Headon: bass
Tim Jackson, Liz Abbot: bg vocals
Produced by David Celia, 2015
Mastered by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles

In 1989, Celia was a member of a band called “Tarnished Gallahad”. They toured Ontario and Manitoba until they disbanded in 1996. That’s when Celia met guitarist and songwriter Mark Stewartson and formed the band Roundhouse. Invisible Inc. was then formed soon after and released a CD entitled Poor Folks Welcome (2000). Invisible Inc. played clubs in southern Ontario for several years and also embarked on a tour of the United Kingdom. The band broke up in 2001 and Celia went solo, releasing his first album Organica in 2002.

2.   Royal Canoe: Show Me Your Eyes
(Royal Canoe)
Today We're Believers: Roll Call Records
Winnipeg Manitoba

Matt Peters - Vocals, keyboards, ac guitar
Bucky Driedger - Electric guitar, vocals
Matt Schellenberg - Keyboards, vocals
Brendan Berg - Bass, keyboard, vocals
Derek Allard - Drum kit
Michael Jordan - Electronic drums
Dan Ardies: baritone sax
Produced by Royal Canoe and John Paul Peters, 2013
Recorded and mixed by John Paul Peters, Matt Peters and Royal Canoe at Private Ear Recording and The Shithole, Winnipeg
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto

Royal Canoe formed in 2010 merging members from different Manitoba bands: The Waking Eyes, The Liptonians and TELE.  In 2014, Royal Canoe was nominated for Alternative Album of the Year at the Juno Awards for Today We’re Believers.

Discography: Co-Op Mode (2010) Extended Play EP (2012) Purple & Gold 7 inch (2012)
Today We're Believers (2013) Royal Canoe Does Beck's Song Reader (2014)
Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit (2016) Waver (2019)

3.   Rush: Show Don’t Tell
Presto: Anthem Records: 1059
Toronto ON

Neil Peart: drums
Geddy Lee: bass, vocal, synths
Alex Lifeson: guitar
Produced by Rush & Rupert Hine, 1989
Recorded by Stephen W Tayler at Le Studio in Morin Heights, Quebec and McClear Place in Toronto

Neil Ellwood Peart b. Hamilton, ON September 12, 1952 / d. January 7, 2020 (67) Santa Monica, CA

Raised in St. Catherines ON
Joined Rush (replacing John Rutsy) summer of 1974
Early inspirations were Keith Moon & John Bonham

In 1992, Peart was invited by Buddy Rich's daughter, Cathy Rich, to play at the Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert in NYC.

Peart became a friend and pupil of jazz instructor Freddie Gruber (May 27, 1927: October 11, 2011) where he changed his style incorporating more of a natural swing induction into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1983, making him the youngest person ever so honored.

4.   The Fallen Leaves: Show Me How To Love
(Parres / Fournier)
45 single bw Baby You’re a Fool: Dominion Records 85
Timmins ON
Bob Francis aka Mr Vegas: vocals
Ray Fournier: guitar
Dan Crocini: bass
Barry "Fingers" Lewis
Jim Parres: keys
Dave Van Leeuwen: drums 
Produced by Canadian Music Sales Corp Ltd, 1966
Recorded in Toronto

This Timmins Ontario band were big in “Town” in 1966 after releasing two singles on the Dominion Records label. Oddly enough, Stompin’ Tom would eventually sign a contract with this label in 1967, re-releasing his first two Tom Connors albums which were originally released on Rebel Records. He and his partners would later buy up some of the Dominion catalogue and released a lot of it on their Boot Records label circa 1971. Unfortunately, The Fallen Leaves were left fallen on the ground although their songs have appeared on different compilation CDs. They were one of Shania Twain’s inspirations growing up in Timmins.

5.   The Haunted: Horror Show
(The Haunted)
The Haunted: Trans-World  TW-6701
Montreal QC

Bob Bozak: bass
Nick Farlowe: drums
Al Birmingham: lead guitar
Jurgen Peter: guitar
Johnny Monk: vocals
Produced by Jurgen Peter, 1967
Recorded in Montreal

In Toronto it was the Ugly Ducklings; in Montreal it was The Haunted. Both bands were in the Mick Jagger mode, expanding into psychedelic territory. Over the years, The Haunted went through at least 17 musicians, releasing 7 singles and two albums.

Guitarist Jurgen Peter: "In Canada, in the early '60s, there was no such thing as a commercial music industry. The DJ's played only American records and it was common knowledge that they lived off "payola" from the record companies. When we, The Haunted, started to play as a band in the Montreal area, there was no way to get a recording contract, no one to play your records, no booking agency to book us, no large shows and paying gigs to play at, no music magazine or anything like it to promote a local band.

"I had to scout out large halls and skating arenas and rent them from the local communities for a Friday night dance. I soon found out that if you hired the local DJ to be the master of ceremonies at your show, and gave him a percentage of the gate, he would plug that show all week long without having to buy airtime at a ridiculous price, and if you did have a record, he would actually play it on the air.

"I also realized that I needed a 'vehicle' that would promote The Haunted so I got together with one of our Montreal DJs, Dave Boxer from CFCF and formed a bi-weekly music paper ('Music Trend') and a booking agency (Groups And Sound Service aka GASS)."

6.   Gerry & The Pacemakers: Show Me That You Care
(G Marsden)
45 single bw Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying: Capitol Records Canada 72157
Liverpool UK

Gerry Marsden: vocals, guitar
Freddie Marsden: drums
Les Chadwick: bass
Les Maguire: piano
Produced by George Martin, 1964
Recorded at Abby Road Studios, London

It’s interesting to note that while this was a pretty good song, most people who bought the 45 most likely played it only once because on the other side was a massive hit song, Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying. Fortunately for Canadians, Capitol Records of Canada released this as part of their 72000 series of releases.

7.   Hawkshaw Hawkins: Bad News Travels Fast (In Our Town)
(Bobby Bare)
45 single bw Let Them Talk: Delta Records: D.3184
Huntington WV

Hawkshaw Hawkins: vocals
Produced 1962
Recorded by King Records

Harold Franklin Hawkins (b. Huntington WV Dec 22, 1921: d March 5, 1963 Camden TN)

Hawkins became a regular on WWVA Jamboree from 1945 to 1954 in Wheeling, West Virginia. In 1946, he signed a recording contract with King Records in Cincinnati, Ohio. His first two recordings with King, "Pan American" and "Dog House Boogie", were top ten country hits.

On March 5, 1963, after finishing a gig with Patsy Cline and Cowboy Copas, Hawkins was killed in a devastating plane crash with them. In 1962 he recorded his biggest hit, "Lonesome 7-7203". It first appeared on the Billboard country chart as a March 2, 1963 release, three days before Hawkins died. The song was taken off the charts for the two weeks following his death, but re-appeared on March 23 and spent 25 weeks on the chart, four of them at No. 1, an accomplishment that eluded him in life.

8.   Cat Mother: Bad News
(Chin / Equine)
The Street Giveth.. And The Street Taketh Away: Polydor Records: 543.055
New York City

Roy Michaels, bass, vocals d. 2008
Michael Equine, drums
Bob Smith, keys
Charlie Prichard, guitar, banjo
Steve Davidson, guitar
Produced by Jimi Hendrix and Cat Mother, 1969
Recorded at The Record Plant, NYC by Gary "Flash" Kellgren*, "Superbaby"*, Tony "Motown" Bongiovi Nov ‘68

Produced by Jimi Hendrix, this was the only album he produced by another band. The association with Hendrix came through the band meeting him in New York City. Cat Mother was initially managed by Michael Jeffery, who also managed Hendrix. . (Jeffery was and remains a controversial figure. He died in 1973 in a mid-air collision over Nantes, France, whilst aboard an Iberia Airlines DC-9.) Cat Mother opened for Hendrix on several occasions, as a result. Other notable early appearances included playing at the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival, September 13, 1969

9.   Dire Straits: News: 1979
(Mark Knopfler)
Communiqué: Mercury Records MCR4-1-3791

John Illsley: bass guitar and vocals
David Knopfler: rhythm guitar and vocals
Mark Knopfler: vocals, lead and rhythm guitars
Pick Withers: drums
Produced by Barry Beckett, Jerry Wexler, 1979
Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas late 1978 by Jack Nuber
Mixed by Gregg Hamm
Mastered by Bob Ludwig

Communiqué, the second album released by Dire Straits, became the first album ever to enter the German charts at number one in its first week of release while their debut album was still at the number three position. Still, the album suffered from the sophomore effect as many critics claimed that Communiqué sounded like an album of second rate songs cut from their first LP.

10. John Prine: Six O’Clock News
(John Prine)
John Prine: Atlantic Records SD 8296
Maywood, Illinois

John Prine: guitar, vocals
Reggie Young: lead guitar
Leo LeBlanc: pedal steel
John Christopher: guitar
Bobby Emmons: organ
Bobby Wood, piano
Mike Leach: bass
Gene Chrisman: drums
Bishop Heywood: percussion
Steve Goodman: guitar, harmony vocals
Dave Prine: fiddle
Neil Rosengarden: bass
Produced by Arif Mardin, 1971
Recorded by Dale Smith at American Recording Studios, Memphis (except Paradise)
Recorded at A&R Studios, NYC)

11. Foxrun: Mystery News
(Timothy Chipman)
Embrace: Ariel Records: ARLP-116
Toronto, ON

James Paul Cassar bass, 1951
Peter Cassar drums, 1953
Timothy Chipman guitar, keys, vocals b. 1951
Produced by Foxrun, 1981
Recorded by G Warecki & Fred Petersen at Kinck Sound, Toronto

Ariel Records was a label owned by band members James Paul Cassar, Peter Cassar and Timothy Chipman. The Foxrun Band appears to have been a side project to their main band, Darkstar, which released two albums and six singles during the 1977-1981 period. Darkstar was a Toronto three-piece who released an independent single in 1977 called 'Holy Roller'. Their debut album was 'Into The Heartland' in 1978 on their own Ariel Records. Their sophomore release was 1980's 'Escape Routines'.

The first Foxrun Band album You're Invited came out 1979 and featured Margo Davidson on sax.

12. Joan MacIsaac: The Man Who Does The News
(Joan MacIsaac)
Wintersong: Mad Mansion Music MMM 001
Edmonton AB

Joan MacIsaac: vocals, acoustic guitars
Lyall Steel: classical guitar, tenor banjo
Allan Davison: bass
Mike Harney: drums
Mairi MacLean, Allan Stein, Connie Kaldor: bg vocals
Produced by Lyall Steel, 1982
Recorded by Mo Marshall at Woodbend Studios, Devon AB Feb June, 1982
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Joan MacIsaac b Ottawa April 13, 1955 / d. August 19, 1991 (36) Edmonton

Before being struck down with cancer, MacIassac released 2 lps worth of material. She was really starting to make a name for herself when she succumbed to the disease in 1991.

13. Crowbar: Newspaper Song
(Roly Greenway)
Larger Than Life (And Live’r Than You’ve Ever Been): Daffodil Records SBBX-16007
Hamilton ON
Kelly Jay: piano, harmonica, vocals
Roly Greenway: vocals, bass, guitar
Rheal Lanthier: vocals, lead guitar
The Ghetto: vocals, lead guitar
Josef Chirowski: keys, vocals
Sonnie Bernardi: vocals, drums, percussion
Produced by Love, 1972
Recorded Henry Saskowski, Phil Sheridan, Bill Seddon and Mike Bourne
Recorded at Massey Hall, Toronto, Sept 23, 1971

This was the first ever live simulcast (A live concert that is carried simultaneously by radio and television), in Stereo, ever made in Canada, broadcast live by CHUM-FM in Toronto. They chose their venue wisely: the iconic Shuter Street building called Massey Hall, scene of some other magnificent live recordings. Jazz at Massey Hall with Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Max Roach and Bud Powell is legendary. Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Young have recorded there. And so did Rush!

14. Hedgehoppers Anonymous: It’s Good News Week
(Jonathan King)
45 Single: Decca F 12241
London UK

Mick Tinsley
John Stewart
Alan Laud
Ray Honeybull
Leslie Dash
Produced by Jonathan King 1965

Formed in November 1963 as The Trendsetters, and became The Hedgehoppers the following year. Jonathan King took over their record production in 1965, and added Anonymous. Band members were Royal Air Force personnel based at RAF Wittering, near Peterborough, England (Hedgehoppers was RAF slang for low-flying planes).  Producer Jonathan King had his own hit in 1965: Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

Hour Two

1.   The Standells: Dirty Water
(Ed Cobb)
45 single bw Rari: Sparton Records P 1453
Los Angeles CA

Tony Valentino: guitar
Larry Tamblyn: vocal, keys
Gary Lane: bass
Dick Dodd: drums
Produced by Ed Cobb  1966

Originally released on Tower Records in the US, producer Ed Cobb wrote the song after a visit to Boston, during which he was robbed on a bridge over the Charles River. The bands name was created by Larry Tamblyn, derived from standing around booking agents' offices trying to get work.

dirty Water was the band’s only real hit song. Although none of the Standells had been to Boston before the song was released, the city adopted the song as its own. In 1997, "Dirty Water" was decreed the "official victory anthem" of the Red Sox, and is played after every home victory won by the Boston Red Sox. Although it’s played at Fenway Park regularly, the band make no royalties from it since it was written by Cobb. Still, it’s a song that The Standells are extremely proud of.

"Dirty Water" is listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's "500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll."

2.   Elton John: Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy: MCA Records: 2142
Pinner UK

Elton John: vocal, piano
Davey Johnstone: acoustic, electric mandolin
Dee Murray: bass
Nigel Olsson: drums
Ray Cooper: percussion
Produced by Gus Dudgeon 1975
Recorded by Jeff Guercio at Caribou Ranch, Nederland, Colorado
Mixed by Gus Dudgeon, Phil Dunne

Sir Elton Hercules John, CBE born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight; 25 March 1947

1975 autobiographical album Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy debuted at number one in the US, the first album ever to do so, and stayed at the top for seven weeks.

3.   McGinty: Dirty Old Town
(E McColl)
Ballads and Bar Tunes: Rocky Coast Music - RCMI-CD 6
Halifax NS

John Ferguson: lead vocals, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo
Don Moore: guitar, tin whistles, mandolin, vocals
Dave Hickey: guitar, banjo, mandolin
Produced by McGinty, 1994
Recorded at Soundpro Recording Studio, Dartmouth NS by Pat Martin
Mixed and Mastered by Pat Martin

McGinty was conceived in 1977 when original members Don Moore, John Ferguson and Dave Hickey came together in Halifax. I’ve got two vinyl albums by these guys but this dirty song was not on them. I got it from a CD after seeing them at the Lower Deck in Halifax. I was a big John Ferguson fan then. Dave Hickey died in 2010 followed by John Ferguson in 2012.

4.   Stevie Ray Vaughan: Dirty Fool
(D Bramhall / SR Vaughan)
Texas Flood: Epic Records: FE 38734
Dallas TX

Stevie Ray Vaughan: guitar, vocals
Tommy Shannon: bass
Chris Layton: drums
Produced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Richard Mullen & Double Trouble, 1983
Recorded at Down Town Studio, Los Angeles
Recorded by Richard Mullen and James Geddes
Mixed by Lincoln Clapp
Mastered by Ken Robertson at CBS Studios, NYC

Stephen Ray Vaughan b. October 3, 1954 Dallas, TX: d. August 27, 1990 (35) East Troy, WI

5.   Pete Seeger: The Flowers of Peace
(Pete Seeger)
Broadsides: Folkways Records FA 2456
New York City

Pete Seegar: banjo, vocals
Produced by Moses Asch, 1964
Recorded in NYC

Pete Seegar b. NYC May 3, 1919 / d. January 27, 2014 (94) NYC

This song was written to the tune of traditional Scottish folk song, Wild Mountain Thyme

6.   The Seeds: March of the Flower Children
(Saxon / Hooper)
The Future: GNP Crescendo GNP 2038
Los Angeles

Rick Andridge: drums
Jan Savage: guitar, vocals
Sky Saxon: lead vocals
Daryl Hooper: keys, sitar, vocals
Harvey Sharpe: bass
Produced by Marcus Tybailt, 1967
Recorded by Doc Siegal at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood CA Nov 1966 - June 1967

“Every cliché about early psychedelic rock poetry, for good or bad, starts here.”

“March Of The Flower Children” seems to be a report from among the new day-glo hippies and their weird new carnival. Colors, dragons, castles, clowns, and a call to arms that underscores a generation gap ten thousand miles wide

7.   Simon & Garfunkel: Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall
(Paul Simon)
45 Single bw I Am A Rock: Columbia Records: 4-43617
New York City

Paul Simon: guitar, vocals
Art Garfunkel: vocals
Hal Blaine: drums
Joe South: guitar
Produced by Bob Johnston, 1966
Recorded Roy Halee December 22, 1965

Paul Frederic Simon b. October 13, 1941 (78) Newark, NJ
Arthur Ira Garfunkel b. November 5, 1941 (78) New York City

There’s a great article in the May 2020 edition of Mojo Magazine, interview with Art Garfunkel. The song was included on the LP Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

8.   Willie P Bennett: Lace & Pretty Flowers
(WP Bennett)
Hobo’s Taunt  Woodshed Records WS007
Peterborough ON

Willie P Bennett: vocal, guitar, harmonica
Steve Taylor, drums
Ken Whiteley, piano
Michael Gardner: Fender bass
Rick Taylor, high stringed guitar
Produced by David Essig & Willie P Bennett, 1977
Recorded by Dan & Bob Lanois at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton

William Patrick "Willie P." Bennett (b. Toronto 26 October 1951  d. Peterborough ON 15 February 2008)

Willie was a music nerd from a very young age. Except for the fact that he hated fiddle music when he was a boy (often hiding in a cupboard and turning the vacuum cleaner on to avoid hearing Don Messer’s Jubilee on his parent’s TV), he returned to the feel of traditional music, playing guitar, mandolin and harmonica in various bands while still concentrating on his solo career. He played harmonica with London Ontario’s bluegrass band The Dixie Flyers and was in Fred Eaglesmith’s back-up band, The Flying Squirrels, playing mandolin for many years.

9.   Fred Eaglesmith: Flowers In The Dell
(F Eaglesmith)
The Boy That Just Went Wrong: Sweetwater Records NWS 017
Port Dover ON

Fred Eaglesmith: banjo, guitar, vocals
Ralph Schipper: bass, vocals
David Essig: guitars, mandolin, piano, vocals
John Allen: fiddle
Scott Merritt: dulcimer, guitar
Steve Beach: piano
Eric Rooker: harmonium
Produced by David Essig, 1983
Recorded by Steve Beach at Shotgun Studios, Brantford ON Oct 1983

Frederick John Elgersma b. July 9, 1957 Caistor Centre, ON

As a teenager Eaglesmith hopped a freight train to Western Canada and began writing songs and performing. He recorded 3 lps in the 1980s before moving into the cassette and CD era. He was associated with Scott Merritt who has produced many of Eaglesmith’s albums. This links Eaglesmith back, through Merritt to Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno.

10. Johnny Rivers: Where Have All The Flowers Gone
(Pete Seegar)
The Very Best Of Johnny Rivers: United Artists LA253 G
Baton Rouge, LA / Los Angeles CA

Johnny Rivers: guitar, vocals
PF Sloan: lead guitar
Micky Jones: drums
Chuck Day: bass, guitar
Joe Osborn: guitar, bass
Larry Knechtel: organ
Compilation Produced by Lou Addler 1966
First produced by Lou Addler 1965

Johnny Rivers b. John Henry Ramistella November 7, 1942 NYC

A Pete Seegar folk song that has been recorded by Peter, Paul & Mary, The Searchers, Bobby Darin, Vera Lynn, Joan Baez, The Four Seasons, Flatt and Scruggs, Marlene Dietrich, Roy Orbison, The Chambers Brothers etc. It was even covered by Bernie Sanders  on his 1987 album We Shall Overcome. The Kingston Trio recorded the song in 1961. Believing it to be a traditional song, they claimed authorship, although upon notice from Seeger they had their name removed and credited to Seeger and Joe Hickerson.

11. Andrew Cash Band: Flower
(A Cash)
Time & Place: Island Records ISL 1185
Toronto ON

Andrew Cash: Guitar, vocals
Peter Duffin, drums
Peter MacGibbon, bass
Graydon Nichols, guitar
Produced by John Switzer & Andrew Cash, 1988
Mixed aby Joe Primeau
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, New York

Andrew Cash b. Toronto January 22, 1962

Cash was in a band (L’Etranger) with Charlie (Chuck) Angus in the early 80s before forming The Andrew Cash Band and signing to Island Records. Meanwhile, Angus started his own band, The Grievous Angels, in 1987 and won election to the House of Commons in 2004. Later, Andrew got elected and was a Member of Parliament (MP) from 2011 to 2015. This probably makes them the only MPs ever elected that were in the same punk band together.
12. The Turtles: Rugs of Wood and Flowers
(Howard Kaylan / Al Nichol)
Happy Together: White Whale Records V 1801
Los Angeles CA
Howard Kaylan: vocal
Al Nichol: lead guitar, vocal
Jim Tucker: rhythm guitar
Mark Volman: special effects, vocal
John Barbata: drums
Jim Pons: bass, vocal
Produced by Joe Wissert, 1967
Recorded at Sunset Sound, Hollywood by Bruce Botnick; Sound Recorders, Hollywood by Armin Steiner

You must know that two of the Turtles went onto to sing in the Mothers Of Invention, right? Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan took on the Zappa-esque names The Florescent Leach and Eddy. Reason being: they were not allowed to use the name Turtles or their original names due to a contract signed when they were young and foolish until lawsuits were settled in 1985. This track shows how The Turtles were influenced by Zappa’s psychedelic sense of the bizarre. For a band, that was primarily a pop act not very far removed from what became ‘bubblegum music’, this is truly revolutionary.

13. Rufus Guinchard & Kelly Russell: Flowers of Edinburgh
Fathers of the Newfoundland Fiddle, Vol 1: Pigeon Inlet PIPCD 7333
Hawke's Bay, NL

Kelly Russell: guitar
Rufus Guinchard: violin
Produced by Kelly Russell, 1995
Recorded by Kelly Russell, Hawke's Bay NL 1981 and Jason Whelan at Sound Solution, St. John's