33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
April 27, 2020
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Music Heals: For the Nova Scotia in us all
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Hour One - Music For Nova Scotia

1.   Wilf Carter: When It’s Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley - 1966 *
2.   Weddings Parties Anything: Knockbacks In Halifax - 1989
3.   Bunny Hobbs: If I Had My Life To Live Over - 1960 *
4.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Old Atlantic Shore - 1969 *
5.   The Five Sounds: Loadin’ Coal - 1965 *
6.   Ferrari’s of Canada: (All I Ever Want Is) Girls - 1964 *
7.   Eddy M: Eddy M Is Back Again - 1982 *
8.   Reg Smith & The Melody Four: Rock And Roll Lullaby - 1956 *
9.   The Halifax Three: Bull Train - 1962 *
10. Denny Doherty: Watcha Gonna Do - 1970 *
11. Hank Snow: My Nova Scotia Home - 1967 *
12. Don Messer & His Islanders: Johnny’s Jig - 1957  *
13. June Pasher: Your Cheatin’ Heart - 1961 *
14. Stitch In Tyme: Point Of View - 1966 *
15. Minglewood: Behind The Wheel - 1982 *
16. Sam Moon: Satisfaction Guaranteed - 1982 *
17. John Allan Cameron: It Must Be Aweful - 1980 *
18. Colin J Boyd: Little Burnt Potato - 1979 *

Hour Two

1.   Dutch Mason Trio: Sweet Little Angel - 1968 *
2.   Soft Boys: He’s A Reptile - 1983
3.   Ian Whitcomb: You Turn Me On - 1965
4.   The Action: TV’s On The Blink - 1977 *
5.   Bobby Darin: Multiplication - 1961
6.   Robbie Lane & The Disciples: You Gotta Have Love - 1966 *
7.   James Hill: The Village Belle - 2014 *
8.   Rex Hemeon: The Mailman - 1976 *
9.   Count Five: Mailman - 1969
10. The Beatles: Please Mr. Postman - 1963
11. Morgan Davis: Shake That Stuff - 1986 *
12. Velvet Underground: What Goes On  - 1969
13. Flaming Groovies: Headed For The Texas Border - 1970
14. Zeke Sheppard (Mainline): Nova Scotia Breakdown - 1971 *
15. Rudy Vallee: The Main Stein Song - 1930

CanCon = 79%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One - Music for Nova Scotia

1.   Wilf Carter: When It’s Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley
(Eric C Edwards)
Balladeer of the Golden West: RCA Camden CAS 914
Port Hilford NS
Wilf Carter: guitar, vocals
Others not listed
Produced 1966

2.   Weddings Parties Anything: Knockbacks In Halifax
(Michael Thomas)
The Big Don't Argue: WEA ‎– 256796-2
Melbourne, Australia
Fiddle: Peter Hyrka
Marcus Schintler: drums, vocals
Mark Wallace: accordion, keys, vocals 
Mick Thomas: lead vocals, guitar
Peter Lawlor: bass
Richard Burgman: lead guitar
Produced by James Luther Dickinson, 1989
Recorded by John Hampton at Ardent Studios, Memphis TN

3.   Bunny Hobbs: If I Had My Life To Live Over
(Vincent / Tobias / Jaffe)
Canada's Sweetheart - Bunny Hobbs: Rodeo International - RLP 96
Lower Sackville, NS
Bunny Hobbs: vocal
Baz Russell & His Orchestra
Produced 1960

Lorraine Hobbs Born April 22, 1925, in Halifax - d. Friday, March 11, 2005 Lower Sackville NS

Started singing career age 4 and was elected Miss Shirley Temple of Halifax in 1931. Between ages 4 - 14 she performed weekly over Uncle Mel’s radio program in Halifax over CHNS. During the war years she entertained troops. In 1945 bunny started working in night clubs throughout Canada and even into the USA. Canada’s Sweetheart is, unfortunately, the only album she ever recorded.

4.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Old Atlantic Shore
(TC Connors)
Bud The Spud: Dominion Records - LPS 21002 / EMI Canada - 7243 495591 2 7
Halton Hills, ON
Tom Connors, guitar, foot
Gerry Hall, guitar
Ronald McDonald, bass
Mickey Andrews, steel, drums
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors, 1969
Recorded at RCA Studios, Toronto by George Simkiw

5.   The Five Sounds: Loadin’ Coal
(D Billard)
45 single bw Baby Please Don't Cry: Epic Records 9856
Halifax NS
Keith Jollimore (Reeds)
Bruce Cassidy (Trumpet)
Ritchie Oakley (Bass)
Jim White (Guitar), Jack S. Lilly (Drums)
Doug Billard (Vocals)
Joe Sealy (Keyboards)
Produced by Bob Morgan and Manny Kellem, 1965

The Five Sounds released two singles in 1965 and 1966 on Epic which charted on Halifax radio station CHNS. In 1968 the "Five Sounds" were the house band on CBC television's "Where It's At" (the local segment of the national series) which was hosted by Frank Cameron and produced in Halifax. Changed their name to Central Nervous System in 1968. Various players went onto to perform with Lighthouse and Peppertree.

6.   Ferrari’s of Canada: (All I Ever Want Is) Girls
(Martinelli / Jaspon)
45 single bw Please Tell Her: DCP International - DCP 1110
Yarmouth NS
George Martinelli: lead vocals
Ralph Martinelli: lead guitar
Carl Doucette: bass
Edgar Fevens: guitar, horns
Harvey Deveau: drums
Terry Ryan: horns
Produced 1964

Harvey Deveau - drummer in The Ferrari's Of Canada passed away at the age of 68 on August 4/2009 in Massachusetts.

Ralph Martinelli Jr. - lead guitar in The Ferraris Of Canada and was also an accomplished fiddle player and was awarded with many awards throughout his illustrious career. He was a seven time recipient of being named the top fiddle player in Massachusetts. He also received many awards from the Massachusetts Country Music Awards Association. Ralph passed away on August 6/2015 at the age of 79.

Edgar Fevens - guitar, harmonica and trumpet in The Ferraris Of Canada passed away on August 23/2015 at the age of 76 after a lengthy illness.

7.   Eddy M: Eddy M Is Back Again
(E Melanson)
30 Years of Eddy M: The M.R. Label - No Serial
Ayton ON / Halifax NS
Eddy M Melanson: vocal, guitar
Darryl Dukeshire: lead guitar
Garnet Sinker: drums
Bruce Rolls: sax
Produced by Eddy Melanson, 1982
Recorded at 42nd. Street, Hamilton by Rick Lightheart

Edward Irvine Melanson  born Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Eddy  taught himself to play a guitar given to him by his uncle. Inspired by a local Wolfville pianist who loved playing boogie-woogie, he developed a rockin' hillbilly sound he used for the next sixty years in his musical career. In the early years Eddy M. and his band, "The Rock-a-Billys" played the "Country Jump Blues" all over the Maritimes. A highlight for Eddy and his band was a call to tour with and open for Bill Haley and the Comets.

A move to Ontario began another segment of Eddy's musical career including the group "Eddy M. and the Miracles" touring Ontario, the Maritimes and the USA. Eddy shared the stage over the years with several Nashville greats including Buddy Knox, The Fendermen, and Conway Twitty. 

Eddy M. was presented the Stompin' Tom award by the ECMA in 2006, inducted into the Order of the Porcupine Hall of Fame in 2012 and the Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame in Nashville as an original Canadian rock-a-billy. He appeared on CBC TV, CJCH TV and on radio across Canada and the USA. In 2003 Eddy joined the broadcast team at CFBW in Hanover, Ontario as a DJ. Eddy and his wife Melva retired in Ayton, Ontario where he still continues to record in his home recording studio.

Eddy M. quoted re his induction to the Nova Scotia C&W Hall:
"It's a great honour to return to my native Nova Scotia and be inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame completing the circle of a life well lived through the magic of music".

8.   Reg Smith & The Melody Four: Rock And Roll Lullaby
(Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil)
Single bw Baggy Pants: RCA Victor 57-3265
Stewiacke NS
Reg Smith: guitar, vocals
Roddy Dorman, fiddle
Don Millard, electric-Spanish guitar
Wendell Simm, bass
Produced 1956

Reg Smith was born in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, August 30, 1924 and is Hank Snow's first cousin. He was very popular in the early 1950's. In April 1952 he joined the Hometown Jamboree in Truro and in 1953 formed the Melody 4 which consisted of Bob Gledney, Sandy MacDougal, and Max Wadden on fiddle. The group had a fifteen-minute show, twice a week, on nine different radio stations throughout Nova Scotia. Also in 1953, Reg appeared in the old Halifax Arena with Hank Snow during one of Hank's Maritime tours. Later in the year he signed with RCA Victor and cut his first four sides. Other releases appeared up until 1957.

9.   The Halifax Three: Bull Train
(John Phillips)
The Halifax Three: Epic “Radial Sound” - LN 24038 - mono
Halifax NS

Dennis Doherty: guitar, vocal
Pat La Croix: drums, vocal
Richard Byrne: guitar, vocal 
Produced by Bob Morgan, 1963
Recorded at CBS Studios, New York City

Dennis Gerrard Stephen Doherty (November 29, 1940 - January 19, 2007)

Denny Doherty died on January 19, 2007 at his home in Mississauga, Ontario, from a second
abdominal aortic aneurysm after going to get the first one repaired.

Originally called The Colonials, The Halifax Three centred around highschool friends
and guitarists Denny Doherty and Richard Byrne and drummer Pat LaCroix.

10. Denny Doherty: Watcha Gonna Do
(Denny Doherty / L Woodward)
Watcha Gonna Do: RCA DS 50096
Halifax NS / Mississauga ON
Jimmie Haskell: Accordion
Brian Garofalo: Bass
Russ Kunkel: Drums
Barry McGuire, Eddy Fischer: Guitars
Buddy Emmons: steel guitar
Eric Hord: Guitar, Sitar, Banjo
Gabe Lapano: Piano, Organ
Denny Doherty: Vocals, Guitar
Produced by Bill Szymczyk 1970
Released 1971

11. Hank Snow: My Nova Scotia Home
(C.E. Snow)
My Nova Scotia Home: RCA - CAL 2186
Nashville, TN
Hank Snow: guitar, vocals
Others not listed
Produced 1967

Clarence Eugene Snow b. Brooklyn NS May 9, 1914 / d. December 20, 1999 (85) Madison, TN

12. Don Messer & His Islanders: Johnny’s Jig
45 EP: Apex records EPAS-3
Halifax NS
Don Messer: fiddle
The Islanders band members not listed
Produced 1957

Donald Charles Frederick "Don" Messer (b. Tweedside NB May 9, 1909 / d. March 26, 1973 Halifax NS)

In 1956, Messer and His Islanders, stars of a nationally broadcast CBC radio program, began to make regular television appearances on CBHT-TV in Halifax, Nova Scotia. CBC television began a summer series called The Don Messer Show on August 7, 1959, which continued on as “Don Messer's Jubilee”, produced out of Halifax. Continuing as Don Messer's Jubilee throughout the 1960s, the show won a wide audience and reportedly became the second-most watched television show in Canada during the decade (next to Hockey Night in Canada). Many east coast musicians got their first taste of national exposure on that show.

13. June Pasher: Your Cheatin’ Heart
(Hank Williams)
Your Cheating Heart: Arc Records 518
New Waterford NS
June Pasher: vocal
Others not listed
Produced by Dan Bass, 1961

June Pasher b. New Waterford, NS / d. Toronto May 24, 2002

She was billed as “The Queen of Country Music” in Toronto in the 1950s. Was married to local country music performer George Pasher; they later put out a duo album “George and June Pasher”, Arc 615 in 1964. She was a regular performer at a club called OV’s Country Club in Toronto every Saturday afternoon till she died.

14. Stitch In Tyme: Point Of View
(John York - Bob Murphy)
45 single bw Dry Your Eyes: Arc Records A1133
Amhurst NS - Toronto
John Yorke (vocals)
Grant Fullerton (guitar, vocals)
Bob Murphy (keyboards, vocals)
Donnie Morris (bass, vocals)
Pinky Dauvin (drums, vocals)
Produced by T DiMaria, 1966

Originally called The Untouchables, they were scouted out by Arc Records and brought to Toronto to record. Arc Records President, Bill Gilliland, brought them to Toronto, did a make-over by changing their name to Stitch In Tyme. The band had one hit: a remake of The Beatles’ “Got To Get You Into My Life”, released in 1967. A year later, they were toast.

By December 1969 Grant Fullerton and Pinky Dauvin joined Skip Prokop and Paul Hoffert in Lighthouse; Wheaton Wheaton went on to form the short lived Rockin' Chair before returning to Nova Scotia with Donnie Morris and Bob Murphy to join SOMA. Wheaton would then form Everyday People followed by Molly Oliver; Bob Murphy switched to rhythm guitar while with SOMA until he left to form the country band Big Buffalo.

15. Minglewood: Behind The Wheel
(George Antoniak)
Minglewood 5: Epic Records PEC 80071
Halifax - Glace Bay NS
Matt Minglewood: lead vocal, keys, guitars
Bobby Woods: drums
Don Hann: bass
Enver Sampson Jr: harmonica, bg vocal
Paul Dun: keys, bg vocals
George Antoniak: lead guitar, bg vocals
Produced by Stacy Heydon, 1982
Recorded at Phase One Studio, Toronto by Lenny DeRose & Joe Primeau
Mixed at Electric Ladyland Studio, NYC

Matt Minglewood b. Moncton NB as Roy Alexander Batherson, 31 January 1947

The Minglewood band, which was the brainchild of Matt Minglewood and Sam Moon, went on to record five well produced albums of country/blues/rock. But by 1982, with the release of their last original studio album, they called it quits. From there on, Minglewood released solo albums.

George Antoniak, who wrote Behind The Wheel, played in local 70's & 80s bands Loupgarou, The Minglewood Band, Barbara-Mae & The Nashville Renegades and has also performed with the late Laura Smith. He became a sought after song-writer, writing for other artists.

He was awarded the 2007 ECMA award for his musical contributions to East Coast Musicians.

16. Sam Moon: Satisfaction Guaranteed
(Sam Moon / P Christakos / T Hatty)
New Moon: Nova Records  N689-007
Halifax NS
Sam Moon: vocals
Brett Bezanson: drums
Kevin Obritsch: bass
Neil MacKinnon: keys
Marcel Doucette: fiddle
Gary Hiltz: guitars
Produced by Peter Christakos, 1982
Recorded by Harvey Goldberg & Pat Martin at Scorpio Audio, Halifax
Mixed at Mediasound, NYC
Mastered by George Marino, Sterling Sound, NYC

Born Richard Boudreau in Cape Breton Island began entertaining audiences in the mid 1960s, and by '67 his band New Broom (with Matt Minglewood) was one of the hottest tickets in the Maritimes.

In '77 he formed The Sam Moon Band and released his debut album, NEW MOON in the spring of 1982. As a marketing ploy, there were two versions of the album - one with a red jacket and one that was black. All the songs were originals, occasionally co-written with other artists on the East Coast. I have a red one.

17. John Allan Cameron: It Must Be Aweful
(Higginson / Reese)
Ice Cream Sneakers: Mudpie Records #1         
Markham ON - Cape Breton Island
John Allan Cameron: spoken
Unknown winds
Produced by Holger Petersen, 1980
Recorded at Sundown Recorders, Edmonton by Ron Vaugoise and Damon Studios, Edmonton by Rick Erikson

John Allan Cameron b. Inverness Co. NS 16 December 1938 / d. Toronto Nov 22, 2006 (67)

This 40 second clip was taken from a kids album which also featured Paul Hann and Connie Kaldor.

18. Colin J Boyd: The Little Burnt Potato
(Colin J Boyd)
Pioneer Scottish Fiddler: Shanachie Records - CB1
Lakevale, Cape Breton Island, NS
Colin Boyd: fiddle
unknown pianist
Compilation Produced 1979
Recorded in Montreal, probably 1932 for Brunswick

Colin J. Boyd was born in West Lakevale, Antigonish Country, Nova Scotia on January 1, 1891 / d. June 17, 1975 (84)

Boyd began playing the violin at the age of 3, and by the time he was 12 he was already composing his own tunes. In 1909 Colin went to work in Ontario. Then he spent from 1911 to 1916 working in Boston where he studied violin and learned to read music. It was during this time he composed his most famous fiddle tune "The Little Burnt Potato".  Colin was the first Nova Scotian in the old time or country field to make commercial recordings. He first recorded in Montreal for Brunswick on March 19, 1932. He also recorded 78's on the Columbia and Celtic labels.

Hour Two

1.   Dutch Mason Trio: Sweet Little Angel
(Riley King / J Taub)
At The Candlelight: Paragon Records ALS 263
Lunenburg NS
Dutch Mason: piano, guitar, vocals
Ronnie Miller: bass
Ken Clattenburg: drums
Bucky Adams: tenor sax
Joe Sealy: organ
Produced by Bill Fisher - 1971
Recorded by Jack Hutchinson
Mixed by Bill Bessey
Cover: Jarvis Darville

Norman Byron Mason b. Lunenburg, NNS 19 February 1938 / d. Truro NS 23 December 2006 

RIP Matthew Seligman 1955 - 2020

2.   Soft Boys: He’s A Reptile
(Robyn Hitchcock)
Invisible Hits: Rykodisc  RCD 20233
London UK
Matthew Seligman: Bass
Morris Windsor: Drums, Vocals
Robyn Hitchcock: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Kimberley Rew: Guitar, Vocals
Jim Melton: Percussion, Harmonica
Produced by Soft Boys, 1983
Recorded at Spaceward Studios by Mike Kemp

Matthew Seligman b. Pentageia, Cyprus 14 July 1955 - 17 April 2020 / d. 17 April 2020 (64) London

Seligman was a member of The Soft Boys and the Thompson Twins, and was a sideman for Thomas Dolby. Seligman backed David Bowie at his performance at Live Aid in 1985. He died of COVID-19.

RIP Ian Whitcomb 1941 - 2020

3.   Ian Whitcomb & Bluesville: You Turn Me On (Turn On Song)
(Ian Whitcomb)
45 single bw Poor But Honest: Capitol Records Canada 72250
Woking UK
Ian Whitcomb: piano, vocals
Mick Molloy: lead guitar
Deke O'Brien: Rhythm Guitar
Brian Lynch: bass
Ian McGarry: drums
Pete Adler and Barry Richardson: saxophones.
Produced by Jerry Dennon, 1965

Ian Timothy Whitcomb b. 10 July 1941 Woking UK / d. 19 April 2020 LA (78)

Around 1963, while studying history at Trinity College, Dublin, Ian Whitcomb became a founding member and lead vocalist of Dublin's early rhythm and blues band, Bluesville. After some unreleased early recordings, Whitcomb travelled to Seattle where he was signed to a deal with a small company, Jerdan Records.  His big hit, "You Turn Me On", was largely improvised at the end of a recording session in Dublin. Released as a single on the Tower label, it reached Billboard's number 8 spot in July 1965 - the first Irish-produced record to reach the US charts (even before The Bachelors) but it was not released in Britain. During his summer vacation in 1965, Whitcomb went to America to appear on such television programs as Shindig, Hollywood A Go-Go and American Bandstand. He played the Hollywood Bowl with The Beach Boys in 1965 and then toured with The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.

After making four albums for the Tower label, Whitcomb retired as a pop performer, later writing that he "wanted no part of the growing pretentiousness of rock with its mandatory drugs and wishy-washy spiritualism and its increasing loud and metallic guitar sounds."

Whitcomb suffered several years of poor health after a stroke in 2012. He died on 19 April 2020, in the Los Angeles area from complications of the stroke that he suffered in 2012.

RIP John Fenton

4.   The Action: TV’s On The Blink
(The Action)
4 song EP: Montreco Records
John Fenton: lead guitar
Paul Fenton: slide guitar
Michael Fenton: bass
Ted Axe: vocals
Scott "Shot" MacDonald: drums
Produced 1977

John Fenton d. April 2, 2020

Formed in 1977, The Action was one of the first garage-punk bands in Canada, and the first band to include all three of Ottawa’s Fenton brothers, with John and Paul on guitar and their younger brother, Michael, who was still in his teens, on bass. The EP they released became a cult hit in New York, and sold thousands of copies in Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa.

John died April 2, about a year after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. He was 67.

5.   Bobby Darin: Multiplication
45 single bw  Irresistible You: Atco Records 45-6214
New York City
Bobby Darin: vocals
Jimmy Haskell Orchestra
Produced 1961
Originally produced for the film ‘Come September

Bobby Darin (Walden Robert Cassotto b. NYC May 14, 1936 / d. December 20, 1973 Los Angeles) (37)

He started his career as a songwriter for Connie Francis. He recorded his first million-selling single, "Splish Splash", in 1958. This was followed by "Dream Lover" and "Mack the Knife". In 1966, he had a hit with folksinger Tim Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter," securing a return to the Top 10 after a two-year absence. In 1968 he worked on Robert Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign. He was with Kennedy the day he traveled to Los Angeles on June 4, 1968, for the California primary, and was at the Ambassador Hotel later that night when Kennedy was assassinated. This affected him profoundly and he chose to live in semi-seclusion, in a trailor, at Big Sur for several years. He died at the age of 37 following a heart operation in Los Angeles. In 1990, singer Paul Anka made the speech inducting Darin into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

6.   Robbie Lane & The Disciples: You Gotta Have Love
(Neil Sedaka - Greenfield)
45 single bw I’ll Know It: Capitol Records Canada 72357
Terry Bush (guitar; replaced Troiano)
Robbie Lane (vocals, trumpet)
Domenic Troiano (guitar)
Gene Trach (bass)
Sonny Milne (drums)
Marty Fisher (piano)
Bert Hermiston (saxophone, flute)
Produced by Stan Klees, 1966
Recorded at RCA Studios, Toronto

Robbie Lane And The Disciples received their big break in December 1963 when Ronnie Hawkins hired them as insurance for the soon to be defecting Hawks (who indeed did quit Hawkins' side to become The Band). Hawkins would have the Disciples playing upstairs at the Hawks' Nest while the Hawks themselves played downstairs at the Le Coq d'Or with Hawkins himself running sets between the two floors.

They were also host band for CTV-TV's 1967 teen show, 'It's Happening', which was also the name of their first and only album. Producer, Stan Klees, was one of the brains behind establishing, what is now The Juno Awards; he called them The Maple Leaf Awards.  From Wikipedia:

Stan Klees (born 29 April 1932 at Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian retired music industry businessman. He created the music recording companies Tamarac and Red Leaf Records in the 1960s.

Klees was a presenter at CHUM radio in the late 1940s then was employed by London Records. He founded Tamarac Records in 1963.

His advice to Walt Grealis led to the development of RPM Weekly in 1964. Klees formally joined RPM as a staff member in 1971 to assist with organisation and publication design. He also designed the "MAPL" logo to identify Canadian content of produced songs, also known as the Cancon movement. Klees and Grealis established RPM's annual awards for Canadian music in 1964 which led to the creation of the Juno Awards ceremonies in 1970.

In 1995, Klees was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.

In 2001, Klees was awarded the Special Achievement Award at the SOCAN Awards in Toronto.

7.   James Hill: The Village Belle
(James Hill)
The Old Silo: Borealis Records BCVL 230
Halifax NS / Ottawa ON
James Hill: vocal, baritone uke, tambourine, organ
Anne Jenelle: vocal, claps
Produced by Joel Plaskett, 2014
Recorded at New Scotland Yard, Dartmouth NS by Thomas Stajcer
Mixed by Joel Plaskett and Thomas Stajcer
Mastered by LaPointe at Archive Mastering, Halifax

James Hill b. Nova Scotia, 1980

As a kid, Hill was inspired to learn to play the ukulele from Haligonian Chalmers Doane (Melanie Doane’s father) who wrote the book on learning to play the instrument. As a singer/songwriter, he began recording albums in 2002 featuring his ukulele. Teamed up with his cello playing wife Anne Janelle (previously Davison). In 2015, his album "The Old Silo" was nominated for the Juno Award for Roots & Traditional Album of the Year

8.   Rex Hemeon: The Mailman
(Rex Hemeon)
Country Singer On The Isle Of Newfoundland: RCA Records KXL1-0143
Botwood NL
Rex Hemeon: vocal
Jim Linegar: lead guitar
Bob Taylor: steel
John Lane: rhythm guitar
Noah Perry: bass
Chris Kelly: drums
Debbi Dwyer: female vocalist (sic)
Produced by Ben Weatherby, 1976
Recorded at Via Nova Studio, Grand Falls NL

Rex William Hemeon b. Bishop’s Falls NL August 27, 1940 - d. January 17, 1988 - Botwood NL

Country Singer is his second album, first for RCA, which included the singles "Rough And Tumble Newfie" and "Home Sick Newfie". He died of a heart attack at home in Botwood. He released 5 albums of his own songs.

9.   Count Five: Mailman
(Hal Winn / Maurice Rodgers)
45 single bw Pretty Big Mouth: Double Shot Records DS 299
San Jose CA
John "Sean" Byrne - vocals, rhythm guitar
John "Mouse" Michalski - fuzz guitar
Craig "Butch" Atkinson - drums
Kenn Ellner - harmonica
Roy Chaney - fender bass guitar
Produced by Hal Winn, Joseph Hooven Maurice Rodgers, 1969

10. The Beatles: Please Mr. Postman
(Dobbins / Garrett / Holland / Bateman / Gorman)
With The Beatles: EMI - 0946 3 82420 2 4
Liverpool, UK
John Lennon - double-tracked lead vocals, rhythm guitar, handclapping
Paul McCartney - backing vocals, bass, handclapping
George Harrison - backing vocals, lead guitar, handclapping
Ringo Starr - drums, cowbell, handclapping
Produced by George Martin, 1963
Recorded by NormanSmith - engineer at Abby Road Studios, London, July 30/63

This song was the debut single by the Marvelettes

11. Morgan Davis: Somebody Been Smokin’ That Stuff
(Morgan Davis)
I’m Ready To Play!: Bullhead Records 1-842
Halifax NS
Morgan Davis: guitar, vocal
Steve Chadwick: bass
John Savage: drums
Simon Wallis: baritone sax
Unknown trumpet
Produced by Bill Bryans, 1982
Recorded live on 2 track by Tom Jardin in Toronto

He was born and spent his childhood in Detroit, Michigan before relocating to Toronto, Canada in 1968. He moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2001. Has won multiple Maple Blues Awards as well as a Juno Award, for his 2003 release, Painkiller, on Electro-Fi Records. “I’m Ready To Play!” was his first of 9 studio albums.

12. Velvet Underground: What Goes On 
(Lou Reed)
The Velvet Underground: MGM Records  SE-4617
Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Doug Yule: Bass, Organ, Vocals
Sterling Morrison, guitar
Maureen Tucker: Percussion, Vocals
Produced and Arranged By The Velvet Underground, 1969
Recorded and Mixed by Val Valentin at T.T.G. studios, Hollywood,

13. Flaming Groovies: Headed For The Texas Border
(Loney / Jordan)
Flamingo:  Kama Sutra ‎– BDK-2021
San Francisco
George Alexander: Bass, Percussion
Danny Mihm: Drums, Percussion, Piano, Organ
Cyril Jordan: Guitar, Vocals
Tim Lynch: Guitar, Vocals, Cello, Percussion
Roy Loney: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Produced by Richard Robinson, 1970

14. Mainline: Nova Scotia Breakdown
(Trad / arranged by Zeke Sheppard)
Canada - Our Home And Native Land: GRT Records - 9230-1011
From Toronto, Canada
Zeke Sheppard: harmonica
Produced by Adam Mitchell, 1971
Recorded by Fred Catero at Pacific Recording Studio, San Mateo CA  April - May 1971
Cover Art: David Andoff

Zeke Sheppard d. October 10, 1997 (56)

A native of Nova Scotia, he moved to Central Florida from Nashville, Tenn., where he was a musician and played harmonica on recordings by Tom T. Hall, as well as on Mel Street's hit record "Smokey Mountain Memories." He also played harp for Dutch Mason’s blues band.
He also played bass and mandolin for Mainline.

15. Rudy Vallee: The Stein Song (University of Main)
(Fenstad / Colcord)
The Young Rudy Vallee: RCA Victor LPM-2507
Island Pond, VT / North Hollywood CA
Rudy Vallee: vocal, sax
Others unknown
Compilation Produced by J Gordon Thornton, 1962
Recorded February 10, 1930

Hubert Prior Vallée b. Island Pond, VT July 28, 1901 / d. Los Angeles July 3, 1986 (84)