33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
March 9, 2020
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Parrot Bop
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Hour One

1.   54.40: What To Do Now - 1984 *
2.   Fludd: Tuesday Blue - 1971 *
3.   Nico: These Days - 1967
4.   Amos Garrett: Game Of Love - 1980 *
5.   The Crickets: Willy And The Hand Jive - 1962
6.   Graeme Kirkland & The Wolves: Big Smile - 1989 *
7.   Bonzo Dog Band: Mr Slater’s Parrot - 1974
8.   Monty Python’s Flying Circus: The Parrot - 1977
9.   Downchild: Do The Parrot - 1975 *
10. Interlake Polka Kings: Selkirk Polka – circa 1965 *
11. JJ Cale: Mama Don’t - 1981
12. Richard Thompson: Jerusalem On The Jukebox - 1988
13. The Absolute Whores: Johnny Cash Records - 1989 *

Hour Two

1.   Johnny Dee: Can’t Stop The Bop - 1982 *
2.   English Beat: Twist & Crawl - 1980
3.   Syncona: Ping Pong Samba - 1974 *
4.   CJ Chenier: Check Out The Zydeco - 1988
5.   Rory Gallagher: Banker’s Blues - 1973
6.   David Gogo: Coulda Shoulda Woulda - 2015 *
7.   Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Were Made For Walking - 1966
8.   Al Caiola Orchestra: Tarantella (set) - 1978
9.   Manteca: Arms and The Man - 1984 *
10. Ida Cox: Four Day Creep - 1939
11. The Headpins: Don’t Stand In The Line Of Fire - 1983 *
12. Watertown: Paperwalls - 1990 *
13. The Emeralds: Fiesta Time - 1980 *

CanCon = 54%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   54.40: What To Do Now
(Niel Osborne / 54.40)
Set The Fire: WEA Records 25 54361
Vancouver BC

Phil Comparelli: lead guitar, vocals, trumpet
Brad Merrit: bass (1981–present)
Neil Osborne: vocals, rhythm guitar (1981–present)
Matt Johnson: drums
Produced by Alan Moy & 54.40, 1984
Reissue released 1987
Recorded by Ric Wallace, David Ogilvie and Lindsay Kidd at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver
Remixed by Greg Reely at Pacific Studios, Vancouver

Originally released on DoReMi Records, 1984, the band re-released it when they signed with WEA in 1987.

2.   Fludd: Tuesday Blue
(Brian Pilling / Ed Pilling)
Fludd: Warner Brothers Records BS 2578

Mick Walsh: guitar
Ed Pilling: vocals, percussion
Brian Pilling: guitar, vocals
Greg Godovitz: bass, vocals
John Andersen: drums
Produced by Adam Mitchell, 1971
Recorded by Fred Catero at Pacific Studios, San Mateo, CA, Aug 1971

Fludd had its roots in a band called The Pretty Ones, formed by Ed Pilling and Greg Godovitz. The band was briefly part of Toronto's Yorkville scene in the 1960s, but broke up before achieving much commercial success. Pilling and his brother Brian then moved to England where they formed a band called Wages of Sin and spent some time touring as a back-up for Cat Stevens in 1970, but returned to Toronto by the end of that year. That’s when they re-united with Godovitz and put Fludd together. They released its self-titled debut album in 1971.

3.   Nico: These Days
(Jackson Browne)
Chelsea Girl: Verve Records V-5032

Nico: vocals
Jackson Browne: electric guitar
John Cale: viola, organ
Produced by Tom Wilson, 1967
Recorded by Val Valentin and Gary Kellgren at Mayfair Recording Studios, NYC

Christa Paffgren b. Clogne GM Oct 16, 1938 / d. 18 July 1988 Ibiza, Spain

Nico (who went on to perform and record with the Velvet Underground) was known for her acting in Fellini’s La Doce Vita and was wooed by Andy Warholl to play a part in his 1966 film, Chelsea Girl. “these Days” was later used in the film The Royal Tenenbaums. Nico had this to say about the album:

“I still cannot listen to it, because everything I wanted for that record, they took it away. I asked for drums, they said no. I asked for more guitars, they said no. And I asked for simplicity, and they covered it in flutes! The first time I heard the album, I cried and it was all because of the flute.” The producer, Tom Wilson, would later work with Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention.

4.   Amos Garrett: Game Of Love
(Mendelson Joe)
Go Cat Go: Stony Plain Records SPL 1034
Turner Valley, AB

Amos Garrett: vocals, guitar
Phil Aaberg: keys
Mac Cridlin: bass
Scott Matthews: drums
Bill Slais: sax
Hiroshi Sato: synths
Michael Melford: mandolin
Dave Berger: harmonica
Daryl Coley, Larry Roberson, Kyle Wright: bg vocals
Produced by Michael Melford, 1980
Recorded by Allen Sudduth
Mastered by D.C. at Masterdisk, NYC

Amos Garrett b. Detroit Michigan, November 26,

From 1964 to 1967, Garrett played in the Toronto jug/string band, the Dirty Shames. It was during this period that Garrett took John Hammond Jr. to see Levon and the Hawks for the first time. The Hawks would later be recommended by Hammond to Bob Dylan.

After serving in other peoples’ bands (like Anne Murray, Maria Muldaur, Ian & Syvia’s Great Speckled Bird, Paul Butterfield’s Better Days), Garrett claimed: "I wanted to sing. I loved to sing, but there was no way I could do so being a hired gun for bands." He then signed with the small roots music label, Stony Plain Records and moved to Alberta and formed his band, The Eh Team.

5.   The Crickets: Willy And The Hand Jive
(Johnny Otis)
Rock ‘n Roll Street Vol II, 1961-70: United Artists UAS 5669
Lubbock, TX

Jerry Allison: drums
Sonny Curtis: guitar
Jerry Naylor: lead vocals
Glen Hardin: keyboards
Produced by Snuff Garrett, 1962
Compilation album produced circa 1970

After Buddy Holly left the band, the Crickets utilized the singing of various vocalists – they even did an album with Bobby Vee! In 1962 they recorded Willy And the Hand Jive for their album Something Old, Something New, Something Blue, Somethin' Else. The album did very well and was followed by a trip to England where they impressed a lot of up and coming young bands.

6.   Graeme Kirkland & The Wolves: Big Smile
(Graeme Kirkland)    
Sleep Alone: Graem Kirkland Music WRC1-6143

Graeme Kirkland: drums
George Koller: bass
Geoff Young: guitar
Perry White: sax
Produced by Graeme Kirkland and John MacLeod, 1989
Recorded at Jazz Partners Studio, Toronto

Kirkland was in his early 20s when he recorded his 3 vinyl albums. Often seen (and heard for blocks) pounding rhythms on overturned buckets, busking in downtown Toronto, he used to hang around our CIUT studios, sometimes sleeping on our couch. He was voted "Best Drummer" by NOW magazine's readers consecutively for 6 years (1996–2001) in their annual Reader's Poll. The runner-up in each of these 6 years was Neil Peart of Rush.

Next Up: Parrots

7.   Bonzo Dog Band: Mr Slater’s Parrot
(Viv Stanshall)
The History of the Bonzos: United Artists Records UA-LA321
London UK

Viv Stanshall: banjo, vocals
Neil Innis: guitar, vocals
Rodney Slater: sax
Cornet, Fish 'n' Chips: Gerry Salisbury
Functions Of The Body arranged by: R. Slater
Perfumed Parlour Snake: "Legs" Larry Smith: drums
Sam Spoons: piano
Theremin (Leg): Roger Ruskin Spear sousaphone, sax
Narrator: Dennis Cowan, Vivian Stanshall
Compilation Produced 1974
Original song produced by Viv Stanshall and Neil Innis, 1970

8.   Monty Python’s Flying Circus: The Parrot
(Monty Python)
Record Collection: The Famous Charisma Label 9211-1134

John Cleese
Michael Palin
Produced 1977
Edited and compiled by Andre Jacqemin at Redwood Recording Studios

9.   Downchild: Do The Parrot
(Don Walsh)
Ready To Go: GRT Records – 9230-1060
Toronto ON

Don Walsh: guitar, harmonica
Tony Flaim: vocals
David Woodward: sax
Jane Vasey: piano
Jim Milne: bass
Billy Bryans: drums
Produced by Billy Brians & Don Walsh, 1975
Recorded by Maynard Parrott at RCA Studio A, Toronto
Mixed at Soundscape, Toronto

10. Interlake Polka Kings: Selkirk Polka
Greatest Instrumentals: UK Records UK 202
Winnipeg MB

Bill Woloshyn: accordion
Mary Woloshyn: piano
Peter Woloshyn
Carl Woloshyn
Carl Plohman: violin
Production date: circa 1965?

Bill Woloshyn b. Fisher Branch, Manitoba  AUG 04, 1933 / d. AUG 03, 2009 (75 but 1 day short of 76)

Bill  began playing the accordion at age 12. He and his wife, Mary, put the Interlake Polka Kings band together in 1964 and they became legendary for his grass roots Ukrainian music.
One of the best known polka bands in Western Canada were the Interlake Polka Kings, the core being a family band under the guidance of Bill and Mary Woloshyn. They performed across the Canadian prairies in various configurations for over 60 years.

Also recorded by John Krochak and The Drifting Country Boys from Yorkton SK

11. JJ Cale: Mama Don’t
(trad arramged by JJ Cale)
Shades: Shelter Recording Co / MCA 5158
Oklahoma City OK

Kenneth Buttrey: drums
Tommy Cogbill: bass
Bobby Emmons: piano
David Briggs: electric piano
Johnny Christopher: rhythm guitar
Reggie Young: electric guitar
JJ Cale: rhythm guitar, electric guitar, vocal
Produced by Audie Ashworth & JJ Cale, 1981

12. Richard Thompson: Jerusalem On The Jukebox
(Richard Thompson)
Amnesia: Capitol Records / EMI C1 48845
London UK

Richard Thompson: guitar, vocals
Mitchell Froom: organs
Jim Keltner: drums
Jerry Scheff: bass
Produced by Mitchell Froom, 1988
Recorded by Tchad Blake at Sunset Sound, Hollywood and Konk Studios, London
Mixed at Master Control, Burbank
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

13. The Absolute Whores: Johnny Cash Records
(JP Trash)
Absolute Whores – The Original Band of the Nineties: WhoreSongs Productions RDR12-18

John Paul Trash: guitar, vocals
Ugly Dick: bass, vocals
CLINT RUDE: drums, vocals
Blind Pig Newton: guitar, vocals
Chris Whiteley: harmonica
Andrea Slonetsky: cello
Mean Steve Piano: piano
Produced by Vaughn Passmore and Absolute Whores, 1989
Recorded at Umbrella Sound, Toronto by Kyle Kutasewich & V Passmore

The Absolute Whores were a cutting edge Toronto thrash punk band who put out two albums before calling it quits. They were originally called The Complete Sluts but were talked into modifying the name, thus: Absolute Whores. Their first album, released in 1985, was called Killing an Elvis Song for You. It took them another four years to record their follow-up album.

Hour Two

1.   Johnny Dee Fury: Can’t Stop The Bop
(Johnny Dee)
Born To Bop: Orient Records OLP 005
Campbellford ON

Johnny Dee Fury: vocals, guitars
Kit Johnson: bass, bg vocals
Bodan Hluszko (now Michelle Josef): drums
Produced by Johnny Dee Fury, 1982
Recorded and Mixed at Amber Studios, Toronto by Paul Bonish

After serving in local bands around his home town, Fury moved to Toronto and signed with Orient Records, releasing several singles and this album. They toured across Canada and even did gigs in NYC. Fury has since focused on songwriting and is currently living in Nashville.

2.   English Beat: Twist & Crawl
(English Beat)
I Just Can’t Stop It: Sire Records XSR 6091
London UK

Dave Wakeling: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Ranking Roger: toasting, vocals
Andy Cox: lead guitar
David Steele: bass
Everett Morton: drums
Saxa: saxophone
Produced by Bob Sargeant, 1980
Recorded by Mike Hedges

3.   Syncona: Ping Pong Samba
(R Henderson)
Syncona: Syncona Music SLP 105

Dick Smith: lead vocal, piano, clavinet, congas
Michael Rosteing: drums
Audley Williams: bass, percussion
Julien Martin: guitar, piano, bg vocal
Jim Gary: guitars, bg vocals
Selwyn Gomes: marimbas, steel pans
Harris Todman: steel pans
Earl Wong: steel pans
Russ Little: trombone
Catherine Moses: flute
Produced by Dick Smith, 1974
Recorded at RCA Studios, Toronto by George Semkiw

Dick Smith grew up in a remote region of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica where most of his boyhood friends were the descendants of Africans who came to the island centuries before and who became known as the “Windward Maroons.” It was their drumming and within a short time he earned the reputation of being one of the best exponents of hand percussion. In 1967 Smith was part of the team that founded Toronto’s famed Caribana Festival. He then formed the band Syncona [a play on the word for the South American plant cinchona] to celebrate the music of the West Indies. In 1987 he was inducted into the Black Music Association’s Hall of Fame for his contributions to Caribbean culture in Canada.

4.   CJ Chenier and The New Red Hot Louisiana Band: Check Out The Zydeco
(CJ Chenier)
Let Me In Your Heart: Arhoolie Records 1098
Port Arthur TX

C.J. Chenier: accordion, vocals
Cleveland Chenier: rubboard
Selwyn Cooper: guitar
Joseph Edwards: drums
Harry Hypolite: guitar
Wayne Burns: bass
Produced by Chris Strachwitz & CJ Chenier, 1988
Recorded at Bay Records, Berkeley CA March, 1988

Clayton Joseph Thompson, b. September 28, 1957 in Port Arthur, TX

CJ is the Creole son of the Grammy Award-winning "King of Zydeco", Louisiana musician, Clifton Chenier. In 1987, CJ followed in his father's footsteps and led his father's band after Clifton’s death. Clifton’s brother, Cleveland, continued to drive the music with his fabulous rubboard playing.

5.   Rory Gallagher: Banker’s Blues
(Bill Broonzy)
Blueprint: Polydor Records 2383 189
Ballyshannon, IR

Rory Gallagher: guitar, vocals
Gerry McAvoy: bass
Lou Martin: keys, guitar
Rod de’Ath: drums
Produced by Rory Gallagher, 1973
Recorded at Marquee Studios, London; Polydor Studios, London by Phil Dunn
Mastered by Andrew Pearce

In 1974, Rory Gallagher toured across Canada and utilized the services of Rush as the opening act. According to Alex Lifeson, Rory was a unique blues-rock player who wore his soul on his sleeve. “I would watch his set, go back into the dressing room and just play, I was so inspired.” In 1982 Rory opened for Rush! They became great friends and spent a lot of time together. “…but beyond the music, he was a really, really great man, and we need a lot more like that.”

Queen’s Brian May claimed that Rory was a magician on the guitar. “He’s such a pure man!” He claims that Rory was totally unpretentious, his playing was incredible, he could make his guitar do anything, it seemed. How did he do that! Rory gave me my sound. But the biggest thing I learned from Rory: Don’t be an ass.”

6.   David Gogo: Coulda Shoulda Woulda
(David Gogo)
Vicksburg Call: Cordova Bay Records CBR 1322
Nanaimo BC

David Gogo: guitar, vocal
Jay Stevens: bass, piano, harmony vocal
Bill Hicks: drums
Marisha Devoin: acoustic bass
Rick Hopkins: Hammond
Produced by The Perignon Partnership, 2015
Recorded by Rick Salt

David Gogo b. Nanaimo BC, March 18, 1969


7.   Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Were Made For Walking
(Lee Hazelwood)
Boots: Reprise Records 6202
Jersey City, NJ

Nancy Sinatra: vocal
Billy Strange - arranger, conductor, and guitar
Don Lanier - guitar
Lou Norell - guitar
Jerry Cole - guitar
William Pitman - guitar
Don Randi - keyboard
Richard Perissi - French horn
Oliver Mitchell - trumpet
Plas Johnson - tenor sax
Nick Bonney - guitar
Charles Berghofer - bass
Emil Richards - percussion
Jim Gordon - drums
Roy V. Caton - trumpet
Produced by Lee Hazelwood, 1966

Recorded November 19, 1965 at Western Recorders, Hollywood by Eddie Brackett Jr.
Nancy Sandra Sinatra b. June 8, 1940 Jersey City, NJ

Sinatra was signed to her father's label, Reprise Records, in 1961. Her first single, "Cuff Links and a Tie Clip", went largely unnoticed. Without a hit in the US by 1965, she was on the verge of being dropped. Her singing career received a boost with the help of songwriter/producer Lee Hazlewood, who had been making records for ten years, notably with Duane Eddy. He had her sing in a lower key. Bolstered by an image overhaul-including bleached-blonde hair, frosted lips, heavy eye make-up-Sinatra made her mark on the American music scene in early 1966 with "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'. One of her many hits written by Hazlewood, it received three Grammy Award nominations, including two for Sinatra and one for arranger Billy Strange. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc

8.   Al Caiola Orchestra: Tarantella : Funiculi-Funicula – Marianna – The Butcher Boy
Italian Gold: Bruno-Dean Enterprises  RBS 111
Jersey City, NJ

Al Caiola: lead guitar
Al Caiola Orchestra
Produced by Bruno-Dean Enterprises, 1978

b Alexander Emil Caiola, September 7, 1920, Jersey City, NJ - November 9, 2016 (96) Allendale, NJ

Mostly a session guitarist backed Frank Sinatra, Brenda Lee, Peggie Lee, Jerry Lee Lewis, Neil Sedaka, Barbara Steisand, Petula Clark & countless others. Did the guitar theme for Bonanza, Paladin & Magnificent Seven; From Russia With Love, and Lou Monte’s Lazy Mary. His guitar style was inspired by Duane Eddy.

9.   Manteca: Arms and The Man
(Aaron Davis)
Strength In Numbers: Ready Records LR 050

Henry Heilig: bass
Matt Zimbel: congas, percussion
Aaron Davis: keys
Herb Koffman: trumpet, flugelhorn
John Johnson: saxes
Ralph Bowen: tenor, soprano sax
Dave James: drums
Norman Jones: timbales, clay drums, percussion
Rick Tait: trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
Produced by Matt Zimbel, 1984
Recorded by Jeff Wolpert at Inception Sound, Toronto

10. Ida Cox: Four Day Creep
(Ida Cox)
78 single: Vocalion, 05232
Toccoa GA

Artie Bernstein: bass
Charlie Christian: guitar
Lionel Hampton: drums
James P Johnson: piano
Fletcher Henderson: piano
JC Higginbottom: trombone
Edmond Hall: clarinet
Hot Lips Page: trumpet
Ida Cox: vocal
Recorded in New York City – 10-31-1939

Ida Prather b. Toccoa, Georgia, February 26, 1896 / d. Knoxville, Tennessee, November 10, 1967

Started performing in minstrel shows throughout the south when she was 14.  Was a member of the Rabbit Foot Minstrels. Started singing and recording blues in the 1920s but her career waned in the ‘30s. In 1939 she was invited to participate in the historic Carnegie Hall concert series "From Spirituals to Swing", produced by John Hammond, in which she sang "Four Day Creep", She continued to perform until 1945, when she was forced into retirement after a debilitating stroke, which occurred during a performance at a nightclub in Buffalo, New York.

11. The Headpins: Don’t Stand In The Line Of Fire
(MacLeod / Mills)
Line of Fire: Solid Gold Records SGR-1017
Vancouver BC

Darby Mills: vocals
Brian MacLeod: guitars, keys, drums
Ab Bryant: bass
Bernie Aubin: drums
Produced by Brian MacLeod, 1983
Recorded and Mixed by David Slagter at Little Mountain & Ocean Studios, Vancouver
Mastered by Masterdisk, NYC

12. Watertown: Paperwalls
(Dibble / Poizner)
No Singing At The Dinner Table: WEA Records 17 10321

Waterdown ON
Scott Dibble: acoustic guitar, lead vocal
Rob Poizner: organ, percussion, congas
Gordie Johnson: bass
Rob Piltch: electric guitar
Terry Brown: cymbals
Produced by Terry Brown, 1990

Recorded by Terry Brown and Everett Ravenstein at The Chalet Studio
Mixed at Metalworks Studio
Mastered by Rob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

13. The Emeralds: Fiesta Time
(A Border / W Petruk / A Oswald / D Hnatiuk / D Remeika)
Old Times Good Times: Boot Records BOX 7213
Edmonton AB

Allan Broder: tenor sax
Wallis Petruk: tenor saxophone, violin, flute, clarinet
Al Oswald: accordion
Dave Hnatiuk: bass
Don Remeika: drums
Produced by Wallis Petruk, 1980

Recorded by Garry McDonall & Rick Ericson at Damon Studios, Edmonton

They have recorded 29 albums!
Remeika, Petruk & Broder still lead the band
Their version of The Bird Dance was used in US Movies