33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
October 16, 2017

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October Blues
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now
Hour One

1.   JB Hutto & The Hawks: Pet Cream Man (JB Hutto) 1954
2.   George Thorogood & The Destroyers: Goodbye Baby (Elmore James)  1980
3.   It’s All Meat: Self Confessed Lover (Ted MacKay / Rick McKim) 1969 *
4.   James Brown: No No No No (James Brown) 1959
5.   Louis Armstrong: Blueberry Hill (Vincent Rose, Larry Stock, Al Lewis) 1949
6.   Big Mama Thornton: Sassy Mama (Thornton / Fields) 1975
7.   Howlin’ Wolf: The Red Rooster (Chester Burnet) 1961
8.   Pearl Bailey: Gold Cadillac (Mitch Woods) 1960
9.   Robert Nighthawk: Take It Easy Baby (Robert McCollum) 1964
10. Downchild Blues Band: Madison Blues (Elmore James) 1977 *
11. Peter Tosh: Jah Seh No (Peter Tosh) 1979
12. Anna Gutmanis: Til Doomsday (Anna Gutmanis) 1989 *
13. Brad Jones: Back Porch Boogie (Brad Jones) 1988

Hour Two

1.   Whiskey Howl: Let The Good Times Roll (Theard / Moore) 1972 *
2.   John Hammond Jr.: Diddley Daddy Diddly Daddy (H Fuqua) 1987 *
3.   Scott Goudie: Renata (S Goudie / N Bishop) 1982 *
4.   King Biscuit Boy: Don’t Go No Further (Willie Dixon) 1970 *
5.   Aretha Franklin: Rock Steady (Aretha Franklin) 1971
6.   Solomon Burke: Cry To Me (Burt “Russell” Burns) 1962
7.   Dutch Mason Trio: Boss Man (T Bone Burnette) 1971 *
8.   Valerie Wellington: A Fool For You (Charles / Hill) 1987
9.   Jimmy Reed: Honest I Do (J Reed / E Abner) 1957
10. Ugly Ducklings: Just In Case You Wonder (Dave Byngham / Glynn Bell) 1966 *
11. Fleetwood Mac: My Heart Beat Like A Hammer (Jeremy Spencer) 1968
12. Fontella Bass: Rescue Me (C Smith / B Miner)  1965
13. Little Walter: Just Your Fool (Marion Walter Jacobs) 1962

CanCon = 40%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   JB Hutto & The Hawks Pet Cream Man (JB Hutto)
45 Single: Chance Records; CH-1160
Blackville, South Carolina
JB Hutto: guitar, vocal
Eddie Hines: drums
Joe Custom: guitar
George Mayweather: harmonica
Produced 1954

Joseph Benjamin Hutto (b. Blackville, South Carolina, April 26, 1926 – June 12, 1983 Harvey, Illinois)

After serving in the Korean War, Hutto put his band together. Their entire recorded output was in the year 1954. Disillusioned, he gave up performing after a woman broke his guitar over her husband's head one night in a club where he was playing. He took a janitorial job for most of the 1960s. He then formed a new band called The Hawks and recorded a few albums in the 70s.

In 1985, the Blues Foundation inducted Hutto into its Hall of Fame. His nephew, Lil' Ed Williams (of Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials) has carried on his legacy, playing and singing in a style close to his uncle's

2.   George Thorogood & The Destroyers: Goodbye Baby (Elmore James)
45 single bw Bottom Of The Sea: Attic Records AT 235
Wilmington Delaware
George Thorogood  lead vocals and lead guitar
Jeff Simon  drums, percussion
Billy Blough  bass guitar
Hank "Hurricane" Carter  saxophone
Produced by George Thorogood, Ken Irwin and John Nagy 1980

3.   It’s All Meat: Self Confessed Lover (Ted MacKay / Rick McKim)
It's All Meat: Hallucination - HCD02
Richmond Hill, ON
Rick Aston bass
Jed MacKay keys
Rick McKim drums
Wayne Roworth guitar, lead vocal
Chas White lead guitar
Producer not listed - 1969

4.   James Brown & The Famous Flames: No, No, No, No (James Brown)
Please Please Please: King / Regency Records 909
Barnwell, SC
James Brown - lead vocals
Bobby Byrd - bg vocals
Johnny Terry - bg vocals
Sylvester Keels – bg vocals
Bill Hollings - bg vocals
Louis Madison - bg vocals
Nafloyd Scott - guitar
Clifford Scott - tenor saxophone
Kenny Burrell - guitar
Edwyn Conley - bass
George Dorsey - alto sax
John Faire - guitar
David "Panama" Francis - drums
Reginald Hall - drums
Edison Gore - drums
Ernie Hayes - piano
Clarence Mack - bass
Carl Pruitt - bass
Wilbert Smith - tenor sax
Ray Felder - tenor sax
Alvin "Fats" Gonder - piano
Eddie Freeman - guitar
Produced by Ralph Bass 1959
Recorded February 24, 1956-September 18, 1958

b. May 3, 1933, Barnwell, South Carolina - d. December 25, 2006, Atlanta, Georgia

5.    Louis Armstrong: (Vincent Rose / Al Lewis)
Blueberry Hill: MilanCML2 35617
New Orleans, LA
Louis Armstrong: trumpet, vocal
Joe Darensbourg: clarinet
Billy Kyle: piano
Billy Cronk: bass
Danny Barcelona: drums
Produced by Le Hot Club De France - 1990
Recorded probably in 1949
Released in America by BMG 1992

Louis Daniel (Sachmo) Armstrong (b New Orleans August 4, 1901– d July 6, 1971, NYC)

6.   Big Mama Thornton: Sassy Mama (Thornton / Fields)
Sassy Mama!: Vanguards Records VSD 79354
Montgomery Alabama
Produced by Ed Bland 1975
Recorded and mixed by John Kilgore at Vanguards 23rd St., Studios, NYC

Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton (December 11, 1926 July 25, 1984)

Big personality, big body, manacing character - played drums and harmonica as well as singing
One of Janis Joplins fav artists
Chris Strachwitz of Arhoolie Records says: Shes in my opinion the greatet female blues singer of this and any other decade.

7.   Howlin’ Wolf: The Red Rooster (Willie Dixon)
45 single: Chess Records 1804
Howlin’ Wolf: slide guitar, vocal
Willie Dixon: double bass
Hubert Sumlin: guitar
Johnny Jones: piano
Sam Lay: drums
Jimmy Rogers: guitar
Produced by Leonard Chess, Phil Chess, Willie Dixon 1961
Recorded at Chess Records Studio October 1961

Chester Arthur Burnett (b White Station, Miss. June 10, 1910 - d January 10, 1976 Hines IL)

The song, written in it’s current form by the great Willie Dixon, was an adaptation of blues folklore that goes back to the 1920s. It was later renamed Little Red Rooster and covered by Sam Cooke and the Stones. This is one of the few songs recorded by Wolf in which his slide guitar was featured from that era.

8.   Pearl Bailey: Solid Gold Cadillac (Mitch Woods)
Singing & Swinging With Margie Anderson: Coronet Records CXS 148
Southampton County, VA
Pearl Bailey: vocal
Ruby Raksin Orchestra
Produced 1956

Pearl Mae Bailey (March 29, 1918 – August 17, 1990 Philadelphia PA)

Started by singing and dancing in Philadelphia's black nightclubs in the 1930s. During WW2 she toured the country performing for American troops. After the war she hit Broadway – starred in the all-black version of Hello Dolly. On November 19, 1952, Bailey married jazz drummer Louie Bellson in London.
A life-long Republican, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom on October 17, 1988, and the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award in 1976.

9.   Robert Nighthawk and His Flames of Rhythm: Take It Easy Baby (Robert McCollum)
Live On Maxwell Street: Rounder Records 2022
Chicago IL
Robert Nighthawk: vocal, lead guitar
Johnny Houng: rhythm guitar
Robert Whitehead: drums
Produced by Norman Dayron 1979
Recorded live at the corner of Peora and 14th, Chicago September 1964
Mastered by John Nagy at The Mixing Lab

10. Downchild Blues Band: Madison Blues (Elmore James)
So Far: Posterity Records  PTR 13004
Toronto ON
Don Walsh: lead & slide guitar, harmonica
Tony Flaim: vocal
Jane Vasey: keys
Mike Bowser: bass
Wayne Wilson: drums
Michael O’Connell: trombone
Produced by Billy Bryans & Alan Duffy - 1977
Recorded by Terry Brown at Toronto Sound

Elmore (James) Brooks (b Richland MS January 27, 1918 – May 24, 1963 Chicago)
He was a major influence on such notable blues guitarists as Homesick James, John Littlejohn, Hound Dog Taylor, J. B. Hutto, Lil’ Ed (from The Blues Imperials) and many others, especially Jeremy Spencer of Fleetwood Mac.

The Blues Brothers band was heavily influenced by Downchild Blues Band.
Madison Blues was also recorded by Fleetwood Mac in Chicago, 1968

11. Tosh, Peter: Jah Say No (Peter Tosh)
Mystic Man: Rolling Stones Records QCOC 39111
Grange Hill, Jamaica
Peter Tosh: vocals, guitar, keys
Robbie shakespeare: bass, guitar
Sly Dunbar: drums
Mikey Chung: keys, guitar, percussion
Robby Lyn: organ, piano
Ed Walsh: synth
George Young: sax, flute
Lou Marini: sax, flute
Howard Johnson: baritone sax
Barry Rogers: trombone
Mike Lawrence: trumpet
Gwen Guthrie, Yvonne Lewis, Brenda White: bg vocals
Produced by Peter Tosh 1979
Recorded by Geoffrey Chung at Dynamic Sound, Kingston JM
Mixed by Geoffrey Chung at Sound Mixers, NYC
Mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic Studios, NYC

19 October 1944 Grange Hill, Jamaica - 11 September 1987(aged 42) Westmoreland, Jamaica

12. Anna Gutmanis: Til Doomsday (Anna Gutmanis) *
Anna Gutmanis: Ban-Anna Records BDR12-16
Toronto ON
Anna Gutmanis: keys, vocals
Ken Tobias: bg vocals
Robert Webber: guitars, percussion
Don Zablotny: electric guitar
Rob Laidlaw: bass
Randy Cook: drums
Produced by Robert Webber 1989
Recorded by Robi Banerji and Ormond Jobin at Reaction Studios, Toronto

Toronto singer-songwriter put out this lone album on vinyl before going on haitus for nearly 20 years. She returned to recording music in the past few years.

13. Buster Brad Jones: Back Porch Boogie (Brad Jones)
Floppy EP: Guitar Player Magazine / Soundpage #46
Ames IO
Buster Brad Jones: guitar
Produced by Brad Jones – 1988

Born Bradley F. Jones in Ames, Iowa, he first became known after entering Guitar Player Magazine's International Reader's Soundpage Competition in 1988 on a whim. He submitted an original composition, titled Back Porch Boogie, recorded using a reel-to-reel recorder and then transferred to cassette using a boombox. Jones came in first place out of nearly 900 entries. He went on to win the National Fingerpicking Championship at Winfield, Kansas in 1990.

Hour Two

1.   Whiskey Howl: Let The Good Times Roll (Theard / Moore)
Whiskey Howl: Pacemaker PACE-056
Toronto ON
John Witmer, vocals
Richard Fruchtman, bass
Wayne Wilson, drums
Michael Pickett, harmonica, vocals
Dave Morrison, guitar, vocals
Produced by Johnny Sandlin 1972
Recorded by David Stock at Eastern Sound Studios, Toronto

Toronto based blues band (1969-72) that broke up shortly after this recording. By their second performance, they were an opening act for Led Zeppelin and went on to open and perform with such artists as Paul Butterfield, BB King, Johnny Winter, Big Mama Thornton, Buddy Guy and Lonnie Johnson during their brief time together. They backed Lonnie Johnson at Massey Hall in what turned out to be Johnson’s last gig before he died in Toronto. The late John Witmer later joined Downchild while Michael Pickett still plays in and around the Toronto area.

2.   John Hammond Jr: Diddly Daddy (H Fuqua)
Nobody But You: Stony Plain Records - SPL 1105
New York City
John Hammond Jr: guitar, vocal
Paul James: slide guitar
Bucky Berger: drums
Gene Taylor: keys
Ken Whitely: mandolin
Terry Wilkins: bass
Produced by Ken Whitely 1987
Recorded by Chad Irschik, Bruce Cameron and Ken Whitely in Toronto at Inception Sound and Casa Rossomore

This album was recorded in Toronto with some of the best Toronto blues players

3.   Scott Goudie: Renata (S Goudie / N Bishop)
Renata, Quay Records CS-8077
St. John’s NL
Neil Bishop, guitar
“Teddy” MacNeil,
Skip Abbott,
Charlie Wade,
Rick Hollett,
Jamie Snider: fiddle, guitar
Bill Barry,
Donna Cooke,
Peter Narvaez: guitar
Production: Scott Goudie & Neil Bishop - 1982
Engineering: Neil Bishop & Claude Caines
Mixing: Neil Bishop; Arrangement: Scott Goudie
Recorded at Clode Sound Productions, Stephenville, NL, Dec. ’81  Apr. ‘82

born in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1955

4.   King Biscuit Boy & Crowbar: Dont Go No Further (Willie Dixon) *
Official Music: Daffodil Records - DS-1,000.001
Hamilton, ON
Richard Newell: harmonica, vocal
Larry Atamanuik: drums
John Gibard: slide guitar
Roly Greenway: bass
Kelly J: piano
Rheal Lanthier: lead guitar
John R: percussion
Produced by Frank Davies for Love Productions - 1970

Richard Alfred Newell (March 9, 1944 January 5, 2003)

5.   Aretha Franklin: Rock Steady (Aretha Franklin)
45 Single bw Oh Me, Oh My: Atlantic Records AT 2838
Detroit MI
Aretha Franklin vocal, piano
Donny Hathaway electric piano, organ
Bernard Purdie drums
Cornell Dupree guitar
Richard Tee organ
Chuck Rainey bass guitar
The Sweethearts of Soul backing vocals
Robert Popwell, Dr. John percussion
The Memphis Horns
Wayne Jackson trumpet
Andrew Love tenor saxophone
Produced by Jerry Wexler w Tom Dowd & Arif Mardin 1971
Recorded by Gene Paul at Atlantic Recording Studios,New York

Aretha Louise Franklin (born March 25, 1942)

6.   Solomon Burke: Cry To Me (Burt “Russell” Burns)
45 single bw I Almost Lost My Mind: Atlantic Records 2131
Philadelphia PA
Solomon Burke: vocal
Leon Cohen: Alto Sax
Jesse Powell: Tenor sax
Hank Jones: Piano
Robert Mosely: Organ
Don Arnone, Al Caiola, Bucky Pizzarelli and Everett Barksdale: Guitars
Art Davis: Bass
Gary Chester: Drums
Produced by Burt Burns 1962
Arranged by Klaus Ogermann
Recorded December 1961 at Atlantic Studios, NYC

James Solomon McDonald, b Philadelphia, PA March 21, 1940 – d October 10, 2010 Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands).  Burt Burns also wrote "Hang on Sloopy" (later recorded by (The McCoys) for Burke but he rejected the song.

7.   Dutch Mason Trio: Boss Man (T Bone Burnette)
At The Candlelight: Paragon Records ALS 263
Lunenburg NS
Dutch Mason: piano, guitar, vocals
Ronnie Miller: bass
Ken Clattenburg: drums
Produced by Bill Fisher - 1971
Recorded by Jack Hutchinson
Mixed by Bill Bessey

Dutch Mason (19 February 1938 - d. Truro NS 23 December 2006)

8. Valerie Wellington: A Fool For You (Charles / Hill)
The New Bluebloods: Alligator Records 7707
Chicago IL
Valerie Wellington: vocals
John Duich: guitar
Sumito Arioshi: piano
Nick Charles: bass
Brady Williams: drums
Produced by Bruce Iglauer 1987
Recorded by Justin Niebank & Fred Brietberg at Streeterville Studios, Chicago
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Frankford/Wayne, New York City

Valerie Eileen Hall (b. Chicago November 14, 1959 January 2, 1993 Maywood, Il)

Began performing on piano at age 5. In her teens started touring in blues bands and was nominated for a Chicago Blues Award
before her first album even came out. Unfortunately, she only recorded 2 albums: Millian Dollar Secret 1984 and Life in the Big City
1991. Wellington died of a cerebral at the age of 33.

9.   Jimmy Reed: Honest I Do (J Reed / E Abner)
45 single bw Signals of Love: Veejay Records VJ 253
Gary IN
Jimmy Reed: guitar, vocal
Produced 1957

Mathis James Reed (b Dunleith, MS September 6, 1925 - d August 29, 1976 (aged 50) Oakland CA)

Mostly known for his hit songs "Baby What You Want Me to Do", "Big Boss Man" and "Bright Lights, Big City". Reed was posthumously inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1980 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991.

10.   The Ugly Ducklings: Just In Case You Wonder (Dave Byngham / Glynn Bell)
Somewhere Outside: Yorktown Records - YT 50,001
Toronto ON
Dave Bingham (vocals)
Glynn Bell (guitar)
Roger Mayne (guitar)
John Read (bass)
Robin Boers (drums)
Produced by Bill Huard - 1966
Recorded by Dave Leonard, Ray Lawrence, Gary youngblood & Terry Vollum at Stea Phillips, NYC - Hallmark Sound, Toronto - Bay Recording, Toronto

11. Fleetwood Mac: My Heart Beat Like A Hammer (Jeremy Spencer)
Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac: Epic / Blue Horizon BN 26402
London UK
Peter Green, guitar
Jeremy Spencer, slide guitar, vocal
John McVie, bass
Mick Fleetwood, drums
Produced by Mike Vernon 1968
Recorded at CBS Studios, London, November / December 1967

Jeremy Cedric Spencer (born Hartlepool UK 4 July 1948)

A member since Fleetwood Mac's inception in July 1967, he remained with the band until his abrupt departure in February 1971, when he joined a religious group the "Children of God" Spencer contributed many variations on the Elmore James guitar theme, plus a few songs of his own. Spencer was a gifted mimic, providing excellent impersonations of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Elmore James, John Mayall and whoever else he felt like sending up at the time.

12. Fontella Bass: Rescue Me (C Smith / B Miner)
45 single bw Sould Of The Man: Checker Records  CH 1120
St Louis MO
Fontella Bass: vocal
Minnie Riperton: bg vocal
Maurice White: drums
Louis Satterfield: bass
Pete Cosey and Gerald Sims: guitar
Leonard Caston on piano,
Sonny Thompson on organ
Charles Stepney on vibes
Produced by Billy Davis   1965
Recorded at Chess Studios, Chicago

Fontella Bass (b. St Louis MO July 3, 1940  d. St Louis MO December 26, 2012)

Her first hit, a duet with singer Bobby McClure in 1965, their recordingof "Don't Mess Up a Good Thing".  In 1979 the song was covered by Ry Cooder with Chaka Khan on Cooder's album Bop 'Til You Drop. Although Bass was acknowledged by Producer Billy Davis as a co-writer of the song, she was never credited.

"I had the first million seller for Chess since Chuck Berry about 10 years before. Things were riding high for them, but when it came time to collect my first royalty check, I looked at it, saw how little it was, tore it up and threw it back across the desk."

13. Little Walter: Just Your Fool (Marion Walter Jacobs)
Boss Blues Harmonica: Cadet Records CH 60014-2
Chicago ILL
Walter Jacobs (vocal and blues harp)
Otis Spann (piano)
Fred Robinson, Luther Tucker (guitars)
Willie Dixon and/or Jimmie Lee Robinson (bass)
Fred Below or George Hunter (drums)
Produced by Sam & Leonard Chess - 1962
Recorded at Chess Studios, Chicago 1960

b. May 1, 1930 Marksville, Louisiana d. February 15, 1968 (aged 37) Chicago

made his first released recordings in 1947 for Bernard Abrams' tiny Ora-Nelle label, which operated out of the back room of Abrams' Maxwell Radio and Records store in the heart of the Maxwell Street market area in Chicago. Was involved in a fight while taking a break from a performance at a nightclub on the South Side of Chicago and died in his sleep.

2008 - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Little Walter inducted (Sideman category)
In 2010, Cyndi Lauper recorded "Just Your Fool" for her album Memphis Blues

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