33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
December 26, 2016

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A Vinyl A to Z
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now
Hour One

1.   April Wine: Drop Your Guns (D Henman) 1977 *
2.   Boutine Souriante: Le reveillon du jour de l’an (trad) 1987 *
3.   Canadian Beadles: I’m Coming Home 1964 *
4.   Gord Downie & The Sadies: I Didn’t Start To Break My Heart Until This Afternoon (Downie / Sadies) 2014*
5.   Exuma: The Obeh Man (Exuma) 1970
6.   Fraser & DeBolt: The Snowdrift Song (Alan Fraser) 1969 *
7.   Peter Green: In The Skies (Peter Green) 1978
8.   Ken Hamm: Big Road Blues (Tommy Johnson) 1978 *
9.   Isle Aux Morte Boys: Newfie Square Dance (Freeman Walters) 1987 *
10. James Gang: Woman  (Jim Fox / Dale Peters / Joe Walsh) 1970
11. Kinks: Heart Of Gold (Ray Davies) 1983
12. John Lennon: Oh Yoko (John Lennon) 1971

CanCon = 58%

Hour Two

1.   Magazine: Definitive Gaze (Howard Devoto / John McGeogh)
2.   Faith Nolan: I Black Woman (Faith Nolan) 1989 *
3.   Mary Margaret O’Hara: Year In Song (Mary Margaret O’Hara) 1988 *
4.   Melissa Payne: Take Me Away (Melissa Payne) 2012 *
5.   Quicksilver Messenger Service: Cowboy On The Run (Dino Valenti)  1975
6.   Rolling Stones: Around and Around (Chuck Berry) 1976
7.   Searchers: Don’t Cha Know (D Box / E Hall) 1963
8.   The Heart: Treat Me Bad (John Martin / John Doddridge) 1967 *
9.   UB40: Sardonicus (UB40) 1981
10. Village S.T.O.P.: North Country (Fraser Loveman) 1969 *
11. Wonderful Grand Band: Sonny’s Dream (Ron Hynes) *
12. Xochimilcas: Tu Mentiroso Amor (Francisco Gomez) circa 1968
13. Neil Young: Old Man (Neil Young) 1972 *
14. Zombies: Tell Her No (Rod Argent)  1964

CacCon = 50%

And Now for The Particulars:
1.   April Wine: Drop Your Guns (D Henman)
Live At The El Mocambo: Aquarius Records - AQR 515Total CanCon = 54%
Halifax / Montreal
Myles Goodwyn-vocals, guitars, keyboards
Gary Moffet-guitars, background vocals
Steve Lang-bass, background vocals
Jerry Mercer-drums
Produced by Eddie Kramer - 1977
Mastered at Sterling Sound NYC by George Marino

Canadian rock band formed in 1969. Originally based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
In early 1970 the band relocated to Montreal and was signed by Aquarius Records. They recorded and released their debut album “April Wine” in September 1971.

In mid-1977, April Wine was booked to play a charity concert at the El Mocambo Club in Toronto. Co-headliner on the bill was a band called "The Cockroaches," who turned out to be The Rolling Stones. April Wine's performance was captured by The Stone’s producer Eddie Kramer (Zeppelin & Hendrix), who was there to record the Stone’s album “Love You Live”, and released as the album “April Wine Live at the El Mocambo”. The band got its first chance at touring the U.S. following the El Mocambo gig, first opening for The Rolling Stones, then for various popular headliners, including Styx and Rush.

2.   Boutine Souriante: Le reveillon du jour de l’an (trad)
Tout comme au jour de l'an: Mille-Pattes - MP-2035
Joliette QC
Michel Bordeleau, mandolin, mandola
Yves Lambert, accordion, harmonica
André Marchand, guitar, feet
Martin Racine, violin, mandola
Réjean Archambault, bass
Denis Fréchette, piano
Mario Forest, spoons
Produced by Mario Forest 1987
Recorded by André L’esperance & André Marchand

Up until this time the band were a quartet playing trad music in a traditional way. With the addition of contrabasse and piano they started to swing a little more, opening the door to a jazzy horn section that would totally transform them into a dynamic force that nobody could compete with. Recipients of 3 Junos and numerous Felix Awards (in Quebec). Although they have no original members left, the band continues to wow audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.

3.   Canadian Beadles: I’m Coming Home
Three Faces North: Tide Records TLP 2005
Sarnia ON
Vic Miller: guitar
Paul Case: drums
Bruce Pollard: bass, vocals
Produced 1964

Origin:  Sarnia, Ontario (group); Vancouver, British Columbia (Vic Miller); Kingston, Ontario (Paul Case); Sarnia, Ontario (Bruce Pollard)

Recorded 3 singles as The Blue Echoes 1964 & 1 LP as Canadian Beadles 1965
Also recorded 2 singles under the name Vic, Paul and Bruce

A Merseybeat-influenced band, as hinted by their name, whose records are now very sought-after and collectable. They started out in early 1963 as The Blue Echoes and came from Sarnia, Ontario, but also spent some time in California.

Canadian Beadles from Sarnia (Ontario) included in its membership three guys named Vic Blunt (Ralph Miller, guitar, played in The Blue Echoes, Mojo Men, The Frantiks, Center Stage), Paul Case (drums) and Bruce Pollard (drums, vocals, previously played in The Stacatos, later - in The Soul Survivors).

Recorded for the "Tide" label in the US, in which Ralph Miller sent a tape to with recordings of group as The Blue Echoes, in 1963, playing in the style of "merseybeat". The head of Tide, Ruth Christy, was impressed and invited them to come to the US, which they did. It was there, at the beginning of 1965 before a show in the Los Angeles "Coliseum" (which was held under the name "KFWB's Beatle Alley") that they decided to call themselves The Canadian Beadles. As a trio they enjoyed great success in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas since Vic, Paul & Bruce (the name they began using at the end of 1965) could sing just like The Beatles.

4.   Gord Downie and The Sadies: I Didn’t Start To Break My Heart Until This Afternoon (Downie / Sadies)
The Conquering Sun: A & C Records  A&C090
Kingston ON / Toronto Area
Mike Belitsky: drums
Sean Dean: bass
Travis Good: vocal, guitar, mandolin
Dallas Good: guitar, keys
Gord Downie: vocals
Produced by Gord Downie & The Sadies  2014
Recorded by Ken Friesen at The Bath House, Bath ON
Mixed by Bob Rock at Warehouse Studios, Vancouver BC
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC

5.   Exuma & The Junk Band: Exuma, The Obeh Man (Exuma)
Exuma: Mercury Records SR 61265
Cat Island, Bahamas
Exuma: vocal, guitar, bells, foot drum
Daddy Ya Ya: bg vocal, bells, sacred sand, foot drum
Spy Boy: vocal, whistles, triangle
Lord Wellington: Congas
Mama Lois: vocal
Princess Diana Claudia Bunea: vocals
Mildred Vaney: vocal
Fraqnkie Gearing: vocals
Geraldine McBride: vocals
Sally Opbrien: vocals
Produced by Daddy Ya Ya 1970
Recorded by Bob Liftin at Regent Sound Studio

Exuma aka Tony McKay b Cat Islands, Bahamas Feb 18, 1942 - d Nassau, Bahamas Jan 15, 1997

In his early days in New York's Greenwich Village, Tony McKay (his self-given name) performed in small clubs and bars. Later, along with his then-partner and lifelong friend, Sally O'Brien, and several musician friends, he launched EXUMA - a seven-person group that toured and recorded albums, starting with Exuma: The Obeah Man in 1970 and ending with Rude Boy in 1986. His songs invoke influences from calypso, junkanoo, reggae, African music and folk music with his lyrics dealing heavily with Obeah. Obeah is associated with magic, charms, luck, and mysticism

6.   Fraser & DeBolt: The Snowdrift Song (Alan Fraser)
“This Song Was Borne”: Roaratorio Records  roar39
St Stephen NB / Winnipeg MB
Allan Fraser: guitar, vocal
Daisy DeBolt: guitar, vocal
Ian Guenther: violin
Craig Allen: guitar
Produced by Alan Fraser 2015
Recorded by Garf Lamb at Labryrinth Sound, Toronto 1969

Allan Hugh Fraser (born 21 July 1948 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick)
Daisy DeBolt (b Winnipeg MB 1945 – d. Toronto October 4, 2011)

7.   Peter Green: In The Skies (Peter Green)
In The Skies: Salt Records / Attic Records Canada LAT 1077
London UK
Peter Green: vocal, electric guitar
Snowy White: lead guitar solo
Lennox Langton: conga
Kuma Herada: bass
Peter Bardens: Hammond organ
Reg Isidore: drums
Produced by Peter Vernon-Kell – 1979

Peter Allen Greenbaum b. London UK, 29 October 1946 (age 70)
BB King’s favourite white blues guitar player coz “he had the touch”.
Played with Peter Barden’s (Them) band till he was asked to sub in for Eric Clapton with John Mayall’s Blues Breakers in the mid-60s. Left Mayall with fellow Blues Breaker Mick Fleetwood to form "Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac featuring Jeremy Spencer".
Left the Mac in 1970 and suffered various mental health problems before re-emerging in 1979 with In The Skies.

8.   Ken Hamm: Big Road Blues (Tommy Johnson) *
Ken Hamm & Friends: North Track Records - NT01 - vinyl
Forget, SK  / Thunder Bay ON
Ken Hamm: guitar, vocals
Damon Dowbak: mandolin
Lauri Conger: piano
Sean Mundy: harmonica, percussion
Tom Sinkins: string bass
Produced by Ken Hamm, Ian Tamblyn, Rick Kyle - 1978
Recorded by Richard Denesiuk at Kolossal Studios, Winnipeg

First LP release on North Track, a Thunder Bay Ontario label formed by musicians Ken Hamm, Rodney Brown & Ian Tamblyn. Hamm and Tamblyn still used North Track as their label while Brown moved on to his own Starsilk Records.

9.   Isle Aux Morte Boys: Newfie Square Dance (Freeman Walters)
My Newfoundland Shore: World WRC1-5525
Isle Aux Morte NL
Keith Ball: lead vocals, guitars ( died March 1, 2002)
Joshua Skinner: Lead Guitar, accoustic guitar
Freeman Walters: accordion, harmonica
Raymond Osmond: drums, woodblock
Barry Coleman: bass
Produced by Sim Savory 1987
Recorded by Sim Savory at Sims Studio, Belleoram NL

Began as Ocean Fancy in 1973. 1978 became Leftover Band. 1987 Freeman Walters joined and they changed their name again. The town from which they took their name is located on the southern shore of Newfoundland on the Harbour Le Cou road from Port-Aux-Basques.

10. James Gang: Woman  (Jim Fox / Dale Peters / Joe Walsh)
Rides Again: ABC / Dunhill Records ABC S-711
Cleveland OH
Joe Walsh, guitars, keys, vocals
Jim Fox, drums
Dale Peters, bass
Produced by Bill Szymczyk 1970
Recorded by Bill Szymczyk and Llyllianne Duma, Jike Stone, Stan Agol @ The Record Plant, NYC
Mastered at Artisan Sound Recorders

From the original James Gang’s second album. After Joe Walsh left (arfter recording their third album “Thirds”) he was replaced by two Torontonians: Domenic Troiano and Roy Kenner. The band’s leader and original member was drummer Jim Fox who once played in Cleveland based band The Outsiders.

11. Kinks: Heart Of Gold (Ray Davies)
State of Confusion: Arista Records – AL 8-8018
London UK
Dave Davies: lead guitar
Mick Avory: drums
Ray Davies: rhythm guitar, synth, piano, vocal
Jim Rodford: bass
Ian Gibbons: keys
Produced by Ray Davies – 1983
Recorded by John Rollo and Damian Korner at Konk Studios, N London UK
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc, NYC

The Kinks nineteenth studio album
Heart of Gold was written about the birth of his and Chrissie Hynde's daughter, Natalie, in 1983
The song was criticly acclaimed but overshadowed by the hit single Come Dancing which also appears on this LP

12. John Lennon: Oh Yoko (John Lennon)
Imagine: Apple PAS 10004
Liverpool UK
John Lennon: vocals, electric guitar, harmonica
Nicky Hopkins: piano
Klaus Voormann: bass
Alan White: drums
Phil Spector: harmony vocal
Rod Linton: acoustic guitar
Andy Davis: acoustic guitar
Produced by John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Phil Spector 1971
Recorded 1116 February and 23 June5 July 1971, at Ascot Sound Studios, Surrey; Abbey Road Studios,
London; Record Plant, New York

b. Liverpool UK 9 October 1940 – d. NYC 8 December 1980

Hour Two

1.   Magazine: Definitive Gaze (Howard Devoto / John McGeogh)
Real Life: Virgin Records V 2100
Manchester UK
Howard Devoto: vocals
Barry Adamson: bass
Dave Formula: keys
Martin Jackson: drums
John McGeoch: guitar, sax
Produced & recorded by John Leckie - 1978
Recorded at Virgin Mobile & Abbey Road Studios

active from 1977 to 1981
formed by Howard Devoto after leaving punk band The Buzzcocks in early 1977
Labelled a Post Punk band

2.   Faith Nolan: I Black Woman (Faith Nolan)
Freedom To Love: Aural Tradition ATR 302
Toronto ON
Faith Nolan, vocal
Michael Creber, piano
Roy Forbes, guitars
Laurence Knight, bass
Chris Nordquist, drums
Produced by Roy Forbes 1989
Recorded & Mixed by Rolf Hannemann at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver BC January 1989

b. Halifax NS 1957
Protest singer who loved the old blues jazz singers of the 1920s like Elizabeth Cotton & Ma Rainey
Recorded a lot in the late 80s and early 90s.

3.   Mary Margaret O’Hara: Year In Song (Mary Margaret O’Hara)
Miss America: Virgin Records - VL 2559
Toronto ON
Mary Margaret O’Hara: vocals
Rusty McCarthy, guitar
Hendrik Riik, bass
Michael Sloski, drums
Produced by Mary Margaret O'Hara and Michael Brook 1988
Recorded by Paul Cobbold at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales UK;
Joe Primeau at Phase One
Studios, Toronto; Stephen Traub at Comfort Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Comfort Sound by Michael Brook and Mary Margaret O'Hara
Mastered at The Townhouse, London UK

O'Hara was born in Toronto, Ontario to a large family of Irish Catholic descent. She is the sister of comedic actress Catherine O'Hara (SCTV, Home Alone, Schitt’s Creek). Some of the songs on Miss America were originally recorded by the great Joe Boyd.

In October 2006, O'Hara performed Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", "The Window" and "Came So Far For Beauty" the Leonard Cohen Tribute organised at The Point Theatre in Dublin, Ireland.

She only recorded two albums and an EP and is considered to be one of Canada’s national treasures.

4.   Melissa Payne: Take Me Away (Melissa Payne)
45 rpm single: Seventh Fire Records - SFR004
Ennismore, ON
Melissa Payne: vocal, guitar
Unkown other musicians
Produced by James McKenty & Tom Street - 2012

Learned to play fiddle from Doug Leahy of The Leahy Family. When she learned to play guitar in High School, she began to write songs.

5.   Quicksilver Messenger Service: Cowboy On The Run (Dino Valenti)
Solid Silver: Capitol Records  SN 66076
San Francisco CA
Gary Duncan  electric and steel, vocals
John Cipollina - electric and Hawaiian steel guitars, vocals
Dino Valenti  guitar, vocals
David Freiberg  bass, vocals
Greg Elmore  drums
Additional personnel:
Nicky Hopkins  piano
Pete Sears  piano
Michael Lewis  piano, organ, Arp synthesizer
Skip Olson  bass
Mario Cipollina  bass
Kathi McDonald  vocals
Produced by Quicksilver & John Palladino  1975
Recorded by Mike Fusaro, George Engfer, Tom Lubin & Phil Brown at Columbia
Recording Studios, San Franciscop June 30  August 20, 1975
Mastered by Wally Traugott at Capitol Records, Hollywood

Band formed in 1965 by musicians influenced by folk, blues and jazz in SF.
This was their 8ths and final album featuring the original members of the

6.   Rolling Stones: Over & Over (Chuck Berry)
Love You Live: Rolling Stones Records COC 2-9001
London UK
Mick Jagger: vocal
Keith Richard: guitar, vocal
Ron Wood: guitar
Charlie Watts: drums
Bill Wyman: bass
Produced by The Glimmer Twins 1977
Recorded Live at the El Mocambo, Toronto 1976 by Eddie Kramer
Mastered by Lee Mulko at Sterling Sound, NYC

Love You Live is a double live album by The Rolling Stones, released in 1977. It is drawn from Tour of the Americas shows in the US in the summer of 1975, Tour of Europe shows in 1976 and performances from the El Mocambo nightclub concert venue in Toronto in 1977

The Stones decided to round out the live album by adding a second album, with live club recordings performed at the El Mocambo Club in Toronto on 4 and 5 March 1977. The intention was to play a set of the sort of classic blues and R&B covers that sealed their reputation back at the Crawdaddy Club in London in 1963. However, Keith Richards arrived late for scheduled rehearsals as he and his partner Anita Pallenberg had been arrested for possession and trafficking of illicit drugs in Richard's Toronto hotel room.

Despite these legal troubles, the shows themselves went well enough, though thesong versions that appear on album are heavily overdubbed. Only "Around and Around" is not overdubbed.

7.   Searchers: Don’t Cha Know (D Box / E Hall)
Sugar & Spice: Pye Records NPL-30044
Liverpool UK
Tony Jackson: lead vocals, bass
Chris Curtis: drums
Michael Pender: lead guitar
John McNally: rhythm guitar
Produced by Tonly Hatch - 1963

The Band formed in 1959 by John McNally & Michael Pender taking the name from John Ford western The Searchers (1956)

Tony Jackson (born Anthony Paul Jackson, 16 July 1938, The Dingle, Liverpool, Lancashire died 18 August 2003, Nottingham)
Chris Crummey aka Curtis (26 August 1941 - 28 February 2005)
John McNally (born 30 August 1941 in Walton, Liverpool, England)
Mike (Prendergast) Pender (born on 3 March 1942 in Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire)

8.   The Heart: Treat Me Bad (John Martin / John Doddridge)
45 single bw Help Me Down: Sir John A Records – SJA2
Almonte ON
John Martin (lead vocals)
David Liberty (lead guitars, vocals)
Hans Schleuter (bass)
John Doddridge (drums)
Gordon "Junior" Dix (guitar)
Peter Jermyn (organ)
Jamie Avis (guitar)
Produced by Ted Gerow 1967

The band Thee Deuces was originally formed in 1964 in Almonte south-west of Ottawa as an instrumental group who performed for nearly a full year at Inter-Provincial Hotel in Hull, Quebec as the house band.

By the summer of 1967, the band decided to update their name - The Heart - and their sound by adding former Luke & The Apostles keyboardist Peter Jermyn. But Jermyn would leave again in 1968 to form The Modern Rock Quartet with former Esquires members Doug Orr and Robert Coulthart. The Heart then recruited Corbin and Arseneault from The Five D for one more single called "Yesterday Was a Dream" on RCA at Christmas that year. The act lasted only until the Spring of 1969.

Sir John A Records - Named after Canada's first Prime Minister, was a label that existed for less than 2 years. Formed to celebrate Canada's centennial year in 1967 by local Ottawa personality John Pozer and musician/artist Ron Greene - the label tapped into some of the Ottawa area's hottest up and coming bands. The records issued on the label were very limited pressings of 100 - 500 quantities.

9.   UB40: Sardonicus (UB40)
Present Arms: DEP International LPDEP 1
London UK
Astro: vocal, trumpet
Jim Brown: vocal, drums
Ali Campbell: lead vocal, guitar
Robin Campbell: vocal, guitar
Earl Falconer: bass
Norman Hassan: trombone, synth-drums
Brian Travers: alto tenor sax
Michael Virtue: keys
Produced by UB40 and Ray Falconer 1981
Recorded at Music Center, Wembley by Pete Wandless and Neil Black

10. Village S.T.O.P.: North Country (Fraser Loveman)
45 single bw Vibration: Ruby Records T-56194, 5
St. Catherines ON
Fraser Loveman: vocal
Paul Marcoux: lead guitar
Nick Urech: bass
Steve Urech: rhythm guitar
Jim Hall: drums
Produced by Fraser Loveman – 1969

The band started in 1965 and went through several lead singers as they changed from pop to psychedelic styles. Finally they brought in Fraser Loveman, former singer of another St Catherines band, The British Modbeats. However they only managed to produce this one (collector’s item) 45.

11. Wonderful Grand Band: Sonny’s Dream (Ron Hynes)
Living In A Fog: Grand East Records - GE-1001
St. John's NL
Glenn Simmons:  vocals, guitar
Ron Hynes, vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo
Jaymie Snider:  vocals, guitars, mandolin, fiddle
Sandy Morris, guitars, bg vocal
Ian Perry, bass, bg vocal
Paul Stamp, drums, bg vocal
Greg Malone, dad
Tommy Sexton, mom
Declan O’Doherty: keys
John Jonson: sax
Dave Rundle: percussion
Produced by Declan O'Doherty - 1981
Recorded and Mixed at Springfield Sound Studio by Declan O'Doherty, Dan Donovan & Geoff Rowland
Mastered by Bill Kipper at Masterdisk, New York City

1978-83 – got together as a music and comedy troup. Had a TV show iin
Newfoundland & Labrador 1980 – 83, precursor to CODCO TV seriess. Jamie
Snider now lives in British Columbia.

12. Xochimilcas: Tu Mentiroso Amor (Francisco Gomez)
Variedad: Eco Records 905
Mexico City
Francisco 'Paco' Gomez Garcia sax, bass
Francisco Martin Armenta Tornero - Trumpet,
Cesar Sosa Patino: Accordion
Antonio Caudillo Battery
Produced circa 1968

1st Mex band to play rock. Had Beatle haircuts in the late 50s.
Recorded a spicy version of She Loves You 1964.
All 4 musicians attended conservatory to learn their instruments
Considered Mexicos first Fusion band

13. Neil Young: Old Man (Neil Young) .
Heart of Gold: Reprise MS 2032
Toronto / Winnipeg MB
Neil Young: Lead vocals, Acoustic guitar
James Taylor: Six string banjo, Backing vocals
Linda Ronstadt: Backing Vocals.
Ben Keith: Pedal steel guitar
Tim Drummond: Bass
Kenny Buttrey: Drums
James McMahon: piano
Produced by Neil Young, Elliot Mazer, Henry Lewy,Jack Nitzsche 1972

14. Zombies: Tell Her No (Rod Argent)
45 single bw Leave Me Be: Parrot Records  PAR 9723
St. Albans, UK
Colin Blunstone - lead vocals
Rod Argent - organ, vocals
Paul Atkinson - guitar, vocals
Chris White - bass, vocals
Hugh Grundy - drums
Produced by Ken Jones  1964

The band formed in 1962 and lasted till 1967. Rod Argent formed the band called Argent in 1969. But they're back again doing shows and recording new records.

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