33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
December 5, 2016

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Goin' To Toronto
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now
Hour One – Goin’ To Toronto

1.   Toronto: Even The Score  (Allen / Fox) 1980 *
2.   Mainline: Going To Toronto (Mike McKenna / Mendelson Joe) 1971 *
3.   Rockadrome: T.O. Town (Rockadrome) 1969 *
4.   Domenic Troiano: My Old Toronto Home (Domenic Troiano) 1973 *
5.   O.J. Abbott: The Banks Of The Don (Trad)  1958 *
6.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Streets Of Toronto (Tom C Connors) 1968 *
7.   The Shuffle Demons: Spadina Bus (D Parker / The Shuffle Demons) 1986 *
8.   Ian Tamblyn: Spadina Strutt (Ian Tamblyn) 1977 *
9.   Sonny Payne: Pass The Biscuits
10. King Biscuit Boy: Operator (E Burkes)  1988*
11. Eugene Smith & Warm Up Band: Amy (Why I Love You) (Eugene Smith / T Grimes / J Judge) 1979 *
12. Robbie Rox: Attack of the Van People (Rob Theodore) 1980 *
13. Rick Derringer: Time Warp (Rick Derringer) 1973

CanCon = 92%

Hour Two – Advertise

1.   Michael Hasek: Natural Man (Michael Hasek) 1973 *
2.   Plaid: The Bee (Plaid) 2016
3.   Pink Floyd: Not Now John (Roger Waters) 1983
4.   Argent: Hold Your Head Up (Rod Argent / Chris White) 1973
5.   The Guess Who: Talisman (Randy Bachman / Burton Cummings) 1970 *
6.   Lisa Dal Bello: Talisman (L Dal Bello / J Miquelon / L Lausanne) 1978 *
7.   Colin Linden: Chest Fever (J R Robertson) 1988 *
8.   Keith McKie: Window Shopping (Keith McKie) 1981 *
9.   Mendelson Joe: Advertise (Mendelson Joe) 1980 *
10. Christopher Kearney: 20% Off (C Kearney) 1972 *
11. The Who: Bargain (Pete Townsend) 1971
12. Dave Edmunds Rockpile: Black Bill (Dave Edmunds) 1970

CanCon = 58%

Total CanCon = 75%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One – Goin’ To Toronto

1.   Toronto: Even The Score  (Allen / Fox)
45 single bw Tie Me Down: Solid Gold Records – SGS 700
Annie "Holly" Woods: vocals
Brian Allen: guitar
Sheron Alton: guitar, bg vocal
Scott Kreyer: keyboardist
Nick Costello: bassist,
Jimmy Fox: drummer
Produced by Bill Henderson & Brian MacLeod  1980
Recorded at Sounds Interchange Studios, Toronto by Rolf Henneman - engineer
Mastered by Frank DeLuna

1979 – 84
Holly Woods moved from San Francisco to Toronto in the mid 1970s and fronted this band till its demise.

2.   Mainline: Going To Toronto (Mike McKenna / Joe Mendelson)
Canada Our Home And Native Land: GRT Records 9230-1011
From Toronto, Canada
Zeke Sheppard: bass, mandolin, harmonica
Tony Nolasco: drums
Michael McKenna: guitar
Joe Mendelson: guitar, bass, harmonica, vocal
Produced by Adam Mitchell 1971
Recorded & Mixed by Fred Catero at Pacific Recording Studio, San Mateo, CA
Recorded April May 1971
Cover Art: David Andoff

3.   Rockadrome: T.O. Town (Rockadrome)
Royal American 20th Century Blues: Sound Canada SC-7701
Richmond Hill, ON
R J Dove - lead guitar
Michael R Clancy - guitar
Rick Vallieres - drums
Paul Lachapelle - bass
Produced by Art Snider 1969
Recorded by Art Snider at Sounds Canada Studios, Toronto

Psychedelic performers, Rockadrome formed in Toronto in 1968 – were given free studio time by Art Snider (one of Canada’s recording pioneers); in exchange, the band had to back his wife on her syrupy album The Allen Sisters. Everything comes with a price!

4.   Domenic Troiano: My Old Toronto Home (Domenic Troiano)
Tricky: Mercury Records SRM 1-670
Toronto ON
Domenic Troiano, guitar, vocal
 Keith Rice, drums
Willie Weeks, bass
William Smith, keys
Tessie Coen, percussion
Monty Stark, synth
Gale Levant, harp
Shawne Jackson, Gale Haness, Patrice Holloway, William Smith, Roy Kenner: bg vocals
Produced by Domenic Troiano & Keith Olsen 1973
Recorded by Keith Olsen and Richard Dashit

Domenic Michele Antonio Troiano (Born in Modugno, Italy, January 17, 1946 – d. Toronto May 25, 2005)
Performed with Robbie Lane & The Disciples who also performed as Ronnie Hawkins Hawks. Joined The Rogues who became The Five Rogues and then morphed into Mandala. After their breakup, formed Bush with Prakesh John, Roy Kenner and Penti Glan. He and Kenner then replaced Joe Walsh in The James Gang (Dom on 2 LPs: Passin’ Through and Straight Shooter) before returning to Toronto and getting involved with Shawne Jackson (as producer and eventually, husband). Went solo (except for a short stint with The Guess Who) but pirimarily ran his own Domenic Troiano Band throughout the 70s. In the early 80s formed Black Market. Inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1996.

5.   O.J. Abbott: The Banks Of The Don (Trad)
Folk songs of Ontario: Folkways Records FM 4005
Ottawa ON
OJ Abbott: vocal
Produced by Moses Asch 1958
Recorded by Edith Fowke

O.J. (Oliver John) Abbott. Folksinger, b Enfield, England, 1872, d Hull, Que, 3 Mar 1962.

Recorded the first version of The Chapeau Boys folk song. The Don River bisects Toronto east and west and on the east side, near Gerrard St is the infamous institution known as The Don Jail. It is now the admin building for a convalescent hospital. Canada’s last hanging took place there Dec. 11, 1962 at 12:02 a.m. Prime Minister Lester Pearson temporarily suspended the death penalty in Canada but it wasn’t officially ended until 1976. Stompin’ Tom Connors also wrote a song about the Don Valley Jail.

6.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Streets Of Toronto (Tom C Connors)
The Northland's Own: Dominion Records – LPS 21006
Halton Hills, ON
Tom Connors, foot & guitar
Produced by Dr Tom C Connors, 1968

From Stompin’ Tom’s first album

7.   The Shuffle Demons: Spadina Bus (D Parker / The Shuffle Demons)
Streetniks: Stubby Records - R-001
Toronto ON
Rich Underhill - alto, baratone sax
Mike Murley - tenor, baratone, alto sax
Dave Parker - tenor sax
Jim Vivian - bass
Stich Wynston - drums
Produced by The Shuffle Demons and Michael Wojewoda - 1986
Recorded by Michael Wojewoda, Paul Edwards & Roman Zak at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.shuffledemons.com/ or mailto:info@shuffledemons.com

No more busses on Spadina these days – only those modern streetcars

8.   Ian Tamblyn: Spadina Strutt (Ian Tamblyn)
Closer To Home: Posterity - PTR-13005
Thunder Bay, ON (now Wakefield, QC)
Ian Tamblyn: vocal, acoustic guitar
Ken Hamm: National Steel, electric guitar
Bob Boucher: bass
Nelson Vipond: electric guitar
Matt Zimbal: percussion
Kevan McKenzie: drums
Ted Gerow: organ
Kim Erickson: harmony
Produced by Ted Gerow and Richard Patterson  1977
Recorded by Nelson Vipond at Sounds Interchange, Toronto June, 1977
Mixed in Studio Six and Son Quebec, Montreal

Somehow Ian Tambly managed to connect Toronto’s Spadina Avenue musical shrine the El Mocambo with King Biscuit Time radio program that began in Helena, Arkansas (home of Levon Helm) with Sonny Boy Williamson and Robert Lockwood Jr in 1941.

9.   Sonny Payne: Pass The Biscuits
Exerpt from King Biscuit Time Radio Program, KFFA, Helena, Arkansas

"Sunshine" Sonny Payne (born John William Payne, November 29, 1925)
the host of the King Biscuit Time radio show on KFFA in Helena, Arkansas since 1951. In 2010 he was nominated for induction into the Blues Hall of Fame. Actually played bass for Tex Ritter for a few years! On May 13, 2014, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe declared May 13 to be “Sunshine” Sonny Payne Day. He’s 92 now. Check him out on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPBepw9znp0 or http://www.kingbiscuittime.com/

10. King Biscuit Boy: Operator (E Burkes)  1988*
Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy: Stony Plains Records SPL-1120
Hamilton ON
Richard Newell, vocals, harmonica
Sonny Del Rio, saxes
Dennis Grasely, sax
Jack De Keyzer, guitar
Stan Szelest, piano
Neil Nickafor, bass
Greg Zark, drums
Produced by Andy Grigg & Richard Newell 1988
Recorded and mixed at Sound Path Studios, Oakville ON by Richard Lightheart
Mastered at The Lacquer Channel

Richard Alfred Newell (b. March 9, 1944 Hamilton, ON – d. Hamilton January 5, 2003)
He was given the name by Ronnie Hawkins while Newell was part of his back-up band.

Newell played with the Barons (later renamed Son Richard and the Chessmen) from 1961 to 1965 and then with the Midknights. In the summer of 1969 helped to form And Many Others, which was Ronnie Hawkins's backing band at that time. After one LP and several U.S. appearances, Hawkins fired the entire band in early 1970,[2] upon which the members, including Newell, formed their own band, which they named Crowbar. Newell recorded an album with Crowbar, then embarked on a solo career, but he played with Crowbar off and on for the rest of his career.

11. Eugene Smith & Warm Up Band: Amy (Why I Love You) (Eugene Smith / T Grimes / J Judge)
45 single bw In The Dark: A&M Records – AM 478
Toronto ON
Eugene Smith: guitar, vocal
Ted Grimes: trumpet, piano
John Judge: lead guitar
Carl Rabinowitz: bass, acoustic guitar
Produced by Eugene Smith 1979

Euguene Smith b. 1944

Put the band together in the 70s. As far as I can tell they only put out 1 lp and this 45

His father was Al Lucas, who played stand up bass for such greats as Duke Ellington and James Brown. His mother, Valeire Abbot, was a well-known Toronto jazz pianist and vocalist who was invited by Louis Armstrong to tour as a jazz singer with his orchestra.
Played Toronto's R&B scene during the mid to late sixties. In the seventies, he would front an R&B band called Lucifer. Currently resides in Duncan, B.C.

12. Robbie Rox: Attack of the Van People (Rob Theodore)
Do What I Do: Quality Records SV 2069
Toronto / Timmins ON
Robbie Rox: rhythym guitar, vocal
Gianni Porco: lead guitar
Mike Rozzo: bass
Johnny Catso: drums
Produced by Alan Duffy 1980
Recorded at Phase One Studios, Toronto by Mick Walsh and Lenny DeRose

b. Timmins ON
started performing in Toronto as a member of Soul Reason while still in high school. After studying at York U he lived a while in Quebec, learning the culture and French. That’s where he started performing solo. Upon returning to Toronto, he decided to put a band together.

Robbie, Gianni and Mike are Theodore brothers who were brought up in Toronto’s North York.

13. Rick Derringer: Time Warp (Rick Derringer)
45 single bw Rock and Roll Hoochi Koo: Epic Records – EPC 2062
Fort Recovery OH
Rick Derringer - Lead vocals, guitar, organ
David Bromberg - Guitar, dobro
Joe Walsh - Electric guitar
Bobby Caldwell - Drums on all tracks except "Uncomplicated"
Joe Vitale - Drums
Kenny Passarelli - Bass guitar
Tasha Thomas - Backing vocals
Edgar Winter - Keyboards
Lani Groves - Backing vocals
Carl Hall - Backing vocals
Suzi Quatro - Bass guitar
Paul Harris - Keyboards
Joe Lala - Percussion
Toots Thielemans - Harmonica
Produced by Bill Szymczyk and Rick Derringer 1973
Recorded at Caribou Ranch, Nederland, CO

born Ricky Dean Zehringer; August 5, 1947 Fort Recovery OH
First came to prominence with The McCoys in the mid 60s. Played with Edgar and Johnny Winter’s bands before going solo. I saw them open for the Rolling Stones at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1966. His brother, drummer Randy played standing up.

Hour Two – Advertise

1.   Michal Hasek: Natural Man (Michael Hasek)
Michal Hasek: Naja Records - NAJA1
Toronto ON
Rodney St Amand: bass
Ian Guenther: violin
Steve Kennedy: sax, flute
Tony Kosinec: tablas, chimes
Mitch Lewis: guitar, banjo
Michal Hasek: guitar, harp, dobro, vocals
Brian Browne: piano
Ron Nigrini: guitar
Christine Newland Hanson: cello
Peter Alves: moog
Gairey Richardson: guitar
Produced by CR Young / CF Petersen 1973
Recorded by Graham Jones at Meniscus and Terry Brown at Toronto Sound

Originally played in the band Sundog (several of whom back Hasek up on this album). A successful real estate guy, he backed the re-opening of the Bohemian Embassy in the 1990s.

2.   Plaid: The Bee (Plaid)
The Digging Remedy: Warp Records – LP277B
Ludlow UK
Andy Turner and Ed Handley: electronics
Benet Walsh: flute, guitar
Produced by Plaid 2016
Mastered by Noel Summerville

Released their first album in 1991. This is their 11th LP. It was given to me by Benet Walsh whom a met in a Ludlow pub. Walsh plays several instruments in various different bands, like Thistletown where he played bass. Also in an old time country band where he plays banjo. Check him out on twitter @TheBeeDrones

3.   Pink Floyd: Not Now John (Roger Waters)
45 single bw The Hero’s Return: EMI Harvest – HAR 5224
London UK
Roger Waters – vocals; bass guitar; twelve-string guitar; tape effects; synthesizer
David Gilmour – vocals; guitar
Nick Mason – drums
Andy Bown – Hammond organ
Produced by Roger Waters • James Guthrie • Michael Kamen 1983

Deals with war (particularly the Falklands War) and criticism of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, as well as general criticisms of the greed and corruption that Waters saw as dangers to society.

4.   Argent: Hold Your Head Up (Rod Argent / Chris White)
45 single bw It’s Only Money Pt 1: Epic Records – S EPC 4321
London UK
Russ Ballard: vocals, guitar
Rod Argent: keys
Jim Rodford: bass
Bob Henrit: drums
Produced by Rod Argent and Chris White 1973

Band formed in 1968 after Rod Argent left The Zombies.
Russ Ballard (both formerly with The Roulettes and Unit 4 + 2)
Covered by Uriah Heap, Steppenwolf, Zombies and Fish
Both sides of my single have B Side labels!

5.   The Guess Who: Talisman (Randy Bachman / Burton Cummings)
American Woman: RCA LSP 4266
Winnipeg MB
Randy Bachman: guitar
Burton Cummings: keys, vocals
Gary Peterson: drums
Jim Kale: bass
Produced by Jack Richardson 1970
Recorded by Brian Christian at RCA Mid-America Recording Center, Studio B, Chicago

6.   Lisa Dal Bello: Talisman (L Dal Bello / J Miquelon / L Lausanne)
Pretty Girls: Talisman Records TALI-1000
Toronto ON
Lisa Dal Bello: vocals
Carlos Vega: drums
Mike Porcato, Ron Garant: basses
Steve Lukather, Al Ciner: guitars
Ron Stockart: piano
Victor Feldman: percussion, vibes
Mike Boddiker: moog
Bill Champlin, Roy Kenner, Michael McDonald, Liz Lauzanne, Lisa Del Bello: bg vocals
Produced by Bob Monaco and Al Ciner 1978
Recorded by Denis Degher with Phil Moores & Chris Gordon at Quantum Audio, Torrance CA & Conway
Recording, Hollywood; Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered at Kendun Recorders, Burbank CA

born 22 May 1959, Weston ON

Changed her stage name to just Dalbello in 1984. When she was 17, Dalbello's self-titled debut album in 1977, produced by David Foster, won her a 1978 Juno Award for Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year. Despite her win, however, MCA dropped her from the label because the album's production had been too expensive. She formed her own label, Talisman Records, to release her second album Pretty Girls, and received her second Juno nomination in 1979 in the category of Female Vocalist of the Year

7.   Colin Linden: Chest Fever (J R Robertson)
When The Spirit Comes: A&M Records – SP 9143
Toronto / Nashville
Colin Linden: lead vocal, guitars
Rick Danko: harmony vocal
Gary Craig: drums
Shane Adams: bass
John Whynot: keys, percussion
Produced by John Whynot with Colin Linden 1988

b. Toronto, April 16, 1960
Album features both Rick Danko and Garth Hudson
Currently lives in Nashville, doing production and playing with Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

8.   Keith McKie: Window Shopping (Keith McKie)
Rumours At The News-stand: Quantum Records QR81003
Toronto ON
Keith McKie: guitars, vocals
Gary Steed: drums
George Flynt: bass
Vezi: piano
Produced by Vezi 1981
Recorded by Mike Alyanak, Vezi and Tom Rogers w/ Andy Mazer, Lorne Field & Dan
Durbin at Kensington Sound, Toronto

Once a member of fabled Toronto band Kensington Market. This was his only solo album although he did record a cassette in the early 90s with John Jackson.

9.   Mendelson Joe: Advertise (Mendelson Joe) 1980 *
Jack Frost: Boot Records - BRP-2109
Emsdale, ON
Mendelson Joe: vocals, guitar, foot stomping
Edward Purdy: bass, guitars, synths
Colin Linden: guitars
Bucky Berger: drums
Gord Neave: drums
Hazel Walker: vocals
Produced by Mendelson Joe & Edward William Purdy - 1980
Recorded by Daniel Lanois at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton & Doug McClement at Comfort Sound, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, toronto
http://www.mendelsonjoe.com or mailto:info@karenrobinsongallery.com

10. Christopher Kearney: 20% Off (C Kearney) 1972 *
Christopher Kearney: Capitol EMI ST6372
Christopher Kearney, guitar, vocals
Josh Onderisin, guitars
David Bromberg, slide, dobro
Chuck Aarons, guitar
Jim Ackley, keys
James Rolleston, bass
Terry Clarke, drums
Produced by Dennis Murphy 1972
Recorded by Phil Sheridan at Thunder Sound, Toronto

Christopher Kearney b. Toronto 1947

became serious about music in the mid-60's after relocating to the US West
coast where he met Gordon Lightfoot who put up the money for
his first demo recordings. In the early 80s Kearney joined CHINA with fellow Canadians Bill King and Danny McBride for one album on CBS Records. Currently living in San Diego

11. The Who: Bargain (Pete Townsend)
30 Years of Maximum R&B: MCA Records – MCADA-11020
London UK
Pete Townsend: guitar
Roger Daltry: vocal
John Entwhistle: bass
Keith Moon: drums
Compilation Produced by Chris Charlesworth, Jon Asley & Bill Curbishley – 1994
Recorded live at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium 1971

12. Dave Edmunds Rockpile: Black Bill (Dave Edmunds)
45 single bw I Hear You Knocking: MAM Records – MAM 1
Cardiff Wales
Dave Edmunds (vocals, guitar)
Nick Lowe (vocals, bass guitar)
Billy Bremner (vocals, guitar)
Terry Williams (drums).
Produced by Dave Edmunds 1970

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