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January 4, 2016

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Let There Be Drums Pt 1
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now

Hour One

1.   Silver Apples: Oscillations  (Dan Taylor / Simeon Coxe) 1968 – Dan Taylor
2.   The Paupers: Magic People (Skip Prokop / Adam Mitchell) * 1967 – Skip Prokop
3.   Lighthouse: Mountain Man (Skip Prokop) * 1969 – Skip Prokop
4.   David Celia: Welcome To The Show (David Celia) * 2015 – Dave Clark
5.   Blue Rodeo: Joker’s Wild * (Jim Cuddy / Greg Keelor) * 1987 – Cleave Anderson
6.   Murray McLauchlan: Hard Rock Town (Murray McLauchlan) * 1974 – Jorn Andersen
7.   The Who: Cobwebs & Strange (Keith Moon) 1966 – Keith Moon
8.   Figgy Duff: Emile’s Reels (Emile Benoit) * 1980 – Noel Dinn
9.   The Pogues: Bottle of Smoke (Shane MacGowan / Jem Finer) 1988 - Andrew Ranken
10. The Specials: Holiday Fortnight (Byers) 1980 - John Bradbury
11. Bobby Vee: The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (Benjamin  Weisman / Dorothy Wayne / Marilyn Garrett) 1962 – Hal Blaine
12. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Wo Is A Me Bop (Don Van Vliet) 1970 – Arthur Dyer Tripp III
13. The Guess Who: Laughing (Burton Cummings / Randy Bachman) * 1969 – Garry Peterson
14. Buddy Rich & Max Roach: Figure Eights (Rich / Roach) 1959
15. The Black Forest Band: Polka Heaven (Gary Kreller / Jim Weber) late 1980s - Mark Kreller


Set Two

1.   The Beatles: I Feel Fine (Paul McCartney / John Lennon) 1964 – Ringo Starr
2.   Sandy Nelson: Teen Beat ‘65 (Sandy Nelson / Rick Polodor) 1965
3.   Ten Years After: Three Blind Mice (Trad) 1969 – Ric Lee
4.   Ten Years After: Woman Trouble (Alvin Lee) 1969 – Ric Lee
5.   Exuma: The Obeh Man (Exuma)
6.   Oscar Peterson: Waltzing Is Hip (Brown) 1968 - Bobby Durham
7.   James Gang: Funk #49  (Jim Fox / Dale Peters / Joe Walsh) 1970 – Jim Fox
8.   James Brown: Cold Sweat (James Brown) 1967 - Clyde Stubblefield
9.   Buckwheat Zydeco: Zydeco Boogaloo (Stanley Dural Jr) 1984 - Nathaniel Jolivette
10. King Crimson: 21st Century Schizoid Man (Fripp / McDonald / Giles / Lake / Sinfield) 1969 – Michael Giles
11. Frank Zappa: Peaches en Regalia (Frank Zappa) 1969 - Ron Selico


Total CanCon=35%


And Now For The Particulars


Set One

1.   Danny Taylor

Silver Apples: Oscillations  (Dan Taylor / Simeon Coxe)
Silver Apples: Kapp Records KS 3562
New York City
Danny Taylor: drums, vocals
Simeon: the thing (the simeon), vocals
Produced by Barry Bryant 1968
Recorded by Don Van Gorden, New York City

Both players were in the Café Wha? (NYC) house band The Overland Stage Electric Band and quit to form Silver Apples
Taylor was a drummer whose previous experience included playing with Jimi Hendrix
Their first gig as SA was before 30,000 fans in NY's Central Park
Taylor’s drumset included thirteen drums, five cymbals and other percussion instruments
Danny Taylor died on March 10, 2005 Kingston, NY of  heart attack
Simeon keeps doing Silver Apples gigs using original drum tracks of Taylor

2.   Skip Prokop

The Paupers: Magic People (Skip Prokop / Adam Mitchell)
Magic People: Verve Forecast - FTS 3026 - vinyl
Toronto, ON
Adam Mitchell, guitar, vocals
Skip Prokop, drums, vocals
Dennis Gerrard, bass
Chuck Beal. guitar
Produced by Rick Shorter – 1967

3.   Skip Prokop

Lighthouse: Mountain Man (Skip Prokop)
Lighthouse: RCA LSP-4173
Toronto ON
Skip Prokop - drums & vocals
Paul Hoffert - keys & vibes
Ralph Cole - guitar, vocals
Grant Fullerton - bass, vocals
Pinky Dauvin - percussion, vocals
Ian Guenther - violin
Don Dinovo - violin, viola
Don Whitton - cello
Leslie Schneider - cello
Freddy Stone - trumpet, flugel
Arnie Chycoski - trumpet, flugel
Howard Shore - alto sax
Russ Little - trombone
Produced by Paul Hoffert & Skip Prokop - 1969
Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto by Ron Johnsen & Peter Houston

Ronald Harry "Skip" Prokop (born December 13, 1943 in Hamilton, Ontario)
First Band was Riverside Three before joining The Spats in Toronto which became The Paupers 1965 – 68
Formed Lighthouse 1968 after recording an album with Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield
Lighthouse made its debut on May 14, 1969, at the Rock Pile in Toronto
won Juno Awards for Best Canadian Group of the Year in 1972, 1973 and 1974
Now playing in a Christian Rock band called Mercy Train

4.   Dave Clark

David Celia: Welcome To The Show (David Celia)
Double Mind: Seedling Music 088907212580
David Celia: guitars, vocals
Dave Clark: drums
Joan Besen: Wukrlitzer
David Headon: bass
Tim Jackson, Liz Abbot: bg vocals
Produced by David Celia – 2015
Mastered by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles

Began as an original member of The Rheostatics 1980–1995
Later formed The WoodChopper's Association & the Woodshed Orchestra
began playing music during childhood, and was playing his first gigs by age fourteen.

5.   Cleave Anderson

Blue Rodeo: Joker’s Wild * (Jim Cuddy / Greg Keelor)
Outskirts: WEA / Risque Disque – 25 471891
Toronto ON
Cleave Anderson: drums
Jim Cuddy: guitar, vocals
Bazil Donovan: bass
Greg Keelor: guitar, vocal
Bobby Wiseman: keys
Produced by Terry Brown – 1987
Recorded by Mike Jones and Paul Shubat at McClear Place Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Rob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

Started with The Battered Wives in late 70s
Original member of Blue Rodeo and split in 1989 because he wanted to keep his day job working for Canada Post
Blue Rodeo played their first show together at The Rivoli in Toronto 1985
Anderson retired from the post office around 2005. Also playes with John Borra Band and David Celia

6.   Jørn Juul Andersen

Murray McLauchlan: Hard Rock Town (Murray McLauchlan)
Hard Rock Town: True North Records TN-29
Toronto ON
Dennis Pendrith: bass
Jørn Andersen: drums
Ben Mink: fiddle
Gene Martynec: guitar
Murray McLauchlan: vocal, guitar
Produced by Murray McLauchlan & Bernie Finkelstein - 1977
Compilation Produced by Graham Stairs and Bernie Finkelstein 2007
Recorded by Ken Friesen at Eastern Sound, Toronto

Born in Denmark 1952 – emigrated to Canada 1957
Became professional drummer 1967
Started with Fludd in early 70s and also known for work in Rough Trade
Also played with Bruce Cockburn, Dan Hill, Pukka Orchestra, Alannah Myles & Hugh Marsh

7.   Keith Moon


The Who: Cobwebs & Strange (Keith Moon)
A Quick One / Sell Out: Decca MCA2-4067
 London UK
John Entwistle: Bass Guitar, Horns
Keith Moon: Drums, screems
Pete Townshend: Guitar
Produced by Kit Lambert – 1966

Keith John Moon (23 August 1946 – 7 September 1978) joined his local Sea Cadet Corps on bugle but changed to drums. Quit school at 14 & took drum lessons as a teen
Moon's early style was influenced by jazz, American surf music and rhythm and blues, exemplified by noted Los Angeles studio drummer Hal Blaine. His favourite musicians were jazz artists, particularly Gene Krupa.
His first band was The Escourts
After playing with a local London band, the Beachcombers, he joined the Who in 1964 before they recorded their first single
He was posthumously inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1982, becoming only the second rock drummer to be chosen, and in 2011, Moon was voted the second-greatest drummer in history by a Rolling Stone readers' poll.

8.   Noel Dinn

Figgy Duff: Emile’s Reels (Emile Benoit)
Figgy Duff: Posterity Records – PTR 13014
St John’s NL
Noel Dinn: drums
Pamela Morgan: guitar
Dave Panting: bass
Geoff Butler: accordion
Produced by Gary Furniss & Tom Treumuth – 1980
Recorded by Jim Frank at Nimbus 9 Studios, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Noel Dinn (1948-1993)
Founding member of Figgy Duff 1974. The ‘Mick Fleetwood’ of Newfoundland.
musical influences were American R&B and rock records
began to play drums with various bands around St. John's, developing his style with jazzman Ralph Walker and The Garrison Hill, which boasted a horn section. Then together with Sandy Morris, Bryan Hennessey and Nelson Boland, Noel formed his own band in the mid 60's, the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Band
Next he formed Lukey's Boat, a powerhouse rock band, which began to explore Newfoundland traditional songs
Was FGs band leader, arranger, manager, booking agent, inspiration, drive (and driver), banker, secretary, not to mention drummer and pianist

9.   Andrew Ranken

The Pogues: Bottle of Smoke (Shane MacGowan / Jem Finer)
If I Should Fall From Grace With God: Island Records ISL 1175
London UK
Shane MacGowan vocals, guitar
Spider Stacy tin whistle, vocals
James Fearnley accordion, piano, mandolin, dulcimer, guitar, cello, percussion
Jem Finer banjo, saxophone
Andrew Ranken drums, vocals
Philip Chevron guitar, mandolin
Darryl Hunt bass, percussion, vocals
Terry Woods cittern lute, concertina, strings, banjo, dulcimer, guitar, vocals
Additional personnel:
Ron Kavana banjo, spoons, mandolin
Siobhan Sheahan harp
Brian Clarke alto saxophone
Joe Cashman tenor saxophone
Paul Taylor trombone
Chris Lee trumpet
Eli Thompson trumpet
Produced by Steve Lillywhite 1988
Recorded by Chris Dickie, Roy Spong & Nick Lacey at RAK Studios, London 1987

Born: November 13, 1953 in Ladbroke Grove, London, England
began playing drums at the tender age of 14
Joined The Pogues in 1983 and appeared on all of their studio albums
Currently heads The Mysterious Wheels, a Blues, Country, Rock and Roll band

10. John Bradbury

The Specials: Holiday Fortnight (Byers)
More Specials: Chrysalis Records CHR 1303
Coventry UK
John Bradbury: drums
Terry Hall: vocal
Neville Staples: percussion, vocal
Lynval Golding: guitar
Roddy Radiation: guitar
Jerry Dammers: organ, piano
Horace Gentleman: bass
Rico Rodrigues: trombone
Dick Cuthell: flugel horn, coronet
Kix Thompson: sax
Paul Heskatt: sax
Rhoda Dakar: vocals
Belinda Charlotte & Jane: bg vocals
Produced by Jerry Dammers and Dave Jordan – 1980
Recorded by Dave Jordan & Jeremy Allom at Horizon Studios, Conventry
Mixed at Wessex Studios, London

John "Brad" Bradbury (b. Coventry, England 16 February 1953 – 28 December 2015)
Performed in The Specials 1977 - 84
About performing with The Specials he said: performing with the band was like having a “ringside seat to the mayhem.”
The band claimed Brad's drumming was the powerhouse behind the Specials,

11. Hal Blaine

Bobby Vee: The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (Benjamin  Weisman / Dorothy Wayne / Marilyn Garrett)
45 Single: Liberty Records F5552
Fargo, ND
Hal Blaine: drums
Jimmy Mann Singers
Ernie Freeman: conductor
Produced 1962

Harold Simon Belsky – b. Feb 5, 1929 Holyoke MS
Member of R&R Hall of Fame, Musicians Hall of Fame & Modern Drummer HoF (2010)
As Member of The Wrecking Crew, played on 6 consecutive Grammy “Records of the Year” songs
- A Taste of Honey – Tijuana Brass 1966
- Strangers in the Night – Frank Sinatra 1967
- Up, Up and Away – 5th Dimension 1968
- Mrs Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel 1969
- Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In – 5th Dimension 1970
- Bridge over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel 1971
Peformed on # hit recordings by Elvis, Jan & Dean, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, The Beachboys, Sonny & Cher, Mama’s & Pappas, Johnny Rivers, The Byrds, The Association, John Denver, Barbra Streisand, The Carpenters, Paul Revere & The Raiders

12. Arthur Dyer Tripp III


Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Wo Is A Me Bop (Don Van Vliet)
Lick My Decals Off, Baby: Straight Records / Reprise 6420
Glendale CA
Ed Marimba (Art Tripp) marimba, percussion, broom
Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) vocals, bass clarinet, tenor sax, soprano sax, harmonica
Drumbo (John French) percussion, broom
Zoot Horn Rollo (Bill Harkleroad) guitar and glass finger guitar
Rockette Morton (Mark Boston) "bassius-o-pheilius"
Produced by Captain Beefheart - 1970
Recorded at United Recording Corp, Hollywood CA

September 10, 1944 (age 71) Athens OH
started playing drums in fourth grade with school bands
was a percussionist with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Was introduced to Frank Zappa 1967 and was hired to play in The Mothers of Invention which he did for nearly 3 years. Then joined Beefheart’s Magic band for five years. Later played drums on other Zappa recordings.
Now a chiropractor, and currently practices in Mississippi

13. Garry Peterson

The Guess Who: Laughing (Burton Cummings / Randy Bachman)
Canned Wheat: RCA Victor LSP 4157
Winnipeg MB
Randy Bachman: guitar
Burton Cummings: keys, vocals
Garry Peterson: percussion
Jim Kale: bass
Produced by Jack Richardson 1969
Recorded by John Woram & Dick Baxter at RCAs Studio A, New York City

Garry Denis Peterson (May 26, 1945 Winnipeg MB)
began drumming at the age of three. Joined Chad Alan & The Expressions (Guess Who) in early 60s.
Now residing in Greensboro NC

14. Buddy Rich & Max Roach


Buddy Rich & Max Roach: Figure Eights (Rich / Roach)
Rich Versus Roach: Mercury Records – MG – C20448
NYC / Newland NC
Buddy Rich: drums
Max Roach: drums
Produced by Jack Tracy – 1959
Recorded by William T Stoddard

Bernard "Buddy" Rich (b. Brooklyn NY September 30, 1917 – d. Los Angeles CA April 2, 1987)
his father, who saw that Buddy could keep a steady beat with spoons at the age of one. He began playing drums in vaudeville when he was 18 months old, billed as "Traps the Drum Wonder". At the peak of Rich's childhood career, he was reportedly the second-highest paid child entertainer in the world (after Jackie Coogan)
Professional career played with greats such as Artie Shaw, Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey,
Since Rich's death, a number of memorial concerts have been held. In 1994, the Rich tribute album Burning for Buddy: A Tribute to the Music of Buddy Richwas released. Produced by Rush drummer/lyricist Neil Peart

Maxwell Lemuel "Max" Roach (b. Newland NC January 10, 1924 – d. New York City August 16, 2007)
Began playing drums age 10 in gospel band
as an 18-year-old fresh out of Boys High School, he was called to fill in for Sonny Greer with the Duke Ellington Orchestra
His first professional recording took place in December 1943, supporting Coleman Hawkins
In 1952, Roach co-founded Debut Records with bassist Charles Mingus. This label released a record of a May 15, 1953 concert, billed as 'the greatest concert ever', which came to be known as Jazz at Massey Hall, featuring Parker, Gillespie, Powell, Mingus and Roach. Roach's last performance was at the 50th anniversary celebration of the original Massey Hall concert, in Toronto, where he performed solo on the hi-hat.

15. Mark Kreller

The Black Forest Band: Polka Heaven (Gary Kreller / Jim Weber) late 1980s
Black Forest Band Polka Heaven Bir Records - BIRLP003
Conestogo ON
Gary Kreller, Accordion, synths, keys
Ted Zawadzki, guitar
Mark Kreller, drums
Jim Weber, bass
Kerry Ruthig, trumpet
Steve Richtaritsch, sax, clarinet
Debbie Ashworth, trumpet
Produced by Ted Zawadzki circa 1985
Recorded by Doug Biggs at Cedartree Recording Studios, Kitchener ON

b. 1959 - d. April 2013 age 54
started Black Forest band 1981 with his brother Gary
Worked for Kitchener – Waterloo’s Octoberfest for the last few years as Executive Director

Set Two

1.   Ringo Starr

The Beatles: I Feel Fine (Paul McCartney / John Lennon)
Beatles ’65: Capitol Records Canada – T 2228
Liverpool UK
Ringo Starr: drums
John Lennon: lead guitar, vocal
Paul McCartney: bass, vocal
George Harrison: guitar
Produced by George Martin – 1964

Richard Starkey  b. Liverpool 7 July 1940 (age 75)
joined the Beatles in August 1962
Son Zak plays drums for The Who

2.   Sandy Nelson

Sandy Nelson: Teen Beat 65 (Sandy Nelson / A Egnolan)
Teen Beat 65: Imperial Records LP-12278
Santa Monica CA
Sandy Nelson: drums
Unknown guitar
Produced by Nick De Caro - 1965

Sander Nelson b. December 1, 1938 (age 77) Santa Monica CA
attended high school with Jan Berry, Dean Torrence Phil Spector
Played drums for Spector on the Teddy Bears' number one hit To Know Him, Is To Love Him in 1958
Recorded his first hit, Teen Beat, in 1959, followed by his only solo top ten hit “Let There Be Drums” in 1961
In 1963 Sandy was involved in a vehicular accident and lost part of his leg. He recovered and returned to performing the following year.  Recorded 29 solo studio albums. Last hit song was Teen Beat ‘65
Also played on Chipmunks songs

3&4  Ric Lee

Ten Years After: Three Blind Mice (Trad) 1969
Ten Years After: Woman Trouble (Alvin Lee) 1969
Stonehenge: Derem (London) DES 18021
London UK
Alvin Lee, guitar
Leo Lyons, bass
Chick Churchill, keys
Ric Lee, drums
Produced by Mike Vernon 1969
Recorded by Martin Smith

Richard "Ric" Lee (born 20 October 1945 Mansfield UK)
Began playing drums at school and joined a three piece band call The Falcons
1965 joined The Jaybirds with Alvin Lee, Leo Lyons & Chick Churchill. Changed their name to The Blues Yard before becoming Ten Years After till 1976.
Got involved with music publishing and production but kept drumming in various bands

5.   Exuma & The Junk Band: Exuma, The Obeh Man (Exuma)
Exuma: Mercury Records – SR 61265
Cat Island, Bahamas
Exuma: vocal, guitar, bells, foot drum
Daddy Ya Ya: bg vocal, bells, sacred sand, foot drum
Spy Boy: vocal, whistles, triangle
Lord Wellington: Congas
Mama Lois: vocal
Princess Diana Claudia Bunea: vocals
Mildred Vaney: vocal
Fraqnkie Gearing: vocals
Geraldine McBride: vocals
Sally Opbrien: vocals
Produced by Daddy Ya Ya – 1970
Recorded by Bob Liftin at Regent Sound Studio

Exuma aka Tony McKay b Feb 18, 1942 – d Nassau BH Jan 15, 1997

6.   Bobby Durham

Oscar Peterson: Waltzing Is Hip (Brown)
The Great Oscar Peterson on Prestige!: Prestige Records – PR 7620
Montreal QC
Oscar Peterson: piano
Bobby Durham: drums
Sam Jones: bass
Produced by Hans Georg-Brunner-Schwer – 1968
Recorded in Germany at a private studio party

Bobby Durham (b. Philadelphia PA  February 3, 1937 – d. Genoa, Italy, aged 71. July 6, 2008)
Started out playing drums in a military band in mid-1950s. Moved to NYC and joined various bands incl. Count Basie Orch, Lionel Hampton & Duke Ellington.
In 2000s lived a lot in Itay where he worked in jazz trios.

7.   Jim Fox


James Gang: Funk #49  (Jim Fox / Dale Peters / Joe Walsh)
Rides Again: ABC / Dunhill Records ABC S-711
Cleveland OH
Joe Walsh, guitars, keys, vocals
Jim Fox, drums
Dale Peters, bass
Produced by Bill Szymczyk 1970
Recorded by Bill Szymczyk and Llyllianne Duma, MJike Stone, Stan Agol @ The Record Plant, NYC
Mastered at Artisan Sound Recorders

James Kent "Jim" Fox (born Cleveland OH August 24, 1947)
Originally a member of The Outsiders who had a big hit with Time Won’t Let Me 1965
Founded The James Gang (named after himself) 1966 – 1976
Has backed with Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Stephen Stills, and Chuck Mangione.
with Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Stephen Stills, and Chuck Mangione.

8.   Clyde Stubblefield

James Brown: Cold Sweat (James Brown / Alfred Ellis)
30 Golden Hits: Polydor MIPD-2-9387
Atlanta GA
James Brown - lead vocal
Waymond Reed - trumpet
Joe Dupars - trumpet
Levi Rasbury - trombone
Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis - alto saxophone
Maceo Parker - tenor saxophone
Eldee Williams - tenor saxophone
St. Clair Pinckney - baritone saxophone
Jimmy Nolen - guitar
Alphonso "Country" Kellum - guitar
Bernard Odum - bass
Clyde Stubblefield - drums
Produced by James Brown & Jerry Wexler - 1967
Recorded at King Studios, Cincinnati OH May 1967
James Joseph Brown (b. Toccoa GA May 3, 1933 d. Atlanta CA December 25, 2006

April 18, 1943 (age 72) Chattanooga TN
Best known for playing with James Brown’s orchestra.
Best known for recordings with James Brown (from 1965) are considered to be some of the standard-bearers for funk drumming
the band had two drummers, Stubblefield and John "Jabo" Starks. The two drummers had no formal training. According to Stubblefield, "We just played what we wanted to play... We just put down what we think it should be."
His rhythm pattern on James Brown's "Funky Drummer" is among the world's most sampled musical segments. It has been used for decades by hip-hop groups
He was inspired to pursue drumming after seeing drummers for the first time in a parade.
In 2013 Stubblefield and Starks received the Yamaha Legacy Award
In 2014 Stubblefield was named the second best drummer of all time by LA Weekly. According to the LA Weekly
A set of Stubblefield's autographed drum-sticks are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

9.   Nathaniel Jolivette

Buckwheat Zydeco: Zydeco Boogaloo (Stanley Dural Jr)
Turning Point: Rounder Records 2045
Lafayette, LA
Stanley Dural: accordion, organ, piano, vocals
Selwyn Cooper: guitar
Calvin Landry: trumpet
Lee Allen Zeno: bass
Elijah Cudges: frottoir
Nathaniel Jolivette: drums
Produced by Scott Billington 1984
Recorded b y Blenn Berger and Ed Goodreau at Blue Jay Studio, Carlisle, Mass. April 1983
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Frankford / Wayne, New York City

Nathaniel A. Jolivette  (April 18, 1946 - August 13, 2007)
began his musical career at the age of fourteen as a member of Paul Breaux High School’s marching band.
Bands such as James Brown, Ray Charles, Ike and Tina Turner, Joe Tex, Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Winton Marsalis, Aaron Neville, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Paul Simon, Grace Jones, Eric Clapton, Clifton Chenier, Rockin Dopsie, Buckwheat Zydeco etc.

10. Michael Giles

King Crimson: 21st Century Schizoid Man (Fripp / McDonald / Giles / Lake / Sinfield)
In The Court of the Crimson King: Atlantic Recording Corp SD 8245
Greg Lake: vocal, bass
Robert Fripp: guitar
Michael Giles: drums
Ian McDonald: reeds, woodwinds, vibes, keys, mellotron
Pete Sinfield: words & illumination
Produced by King Crimson 1969
Recorded by Robin Thompson at Wessex Sound Studios, London
Cover art by Barry Godber, commissioned by Pete Sinfield

Michael Rex Giles b 1 March 1942 (age 73) Waterlooville, Hampshire UK
Giles orchestrated much of the compositional structure of the first Crimson album In the Court of the Crimson King
worked as a session musician for the duration of the 1970s
In 2002, he co-founded the 21st Century Schizoid Band, composed mostly of former King Crimson members
Currently plays withThe Michael Giles MAD Band

11. Ron Selico

Frank Zappa: Peaches en Regalia (Frank Zappa)
Hot Rats: Bizarre Records / Reprise Records RS 6356
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa: guitar, octave bass, percussion
Ian Underwood: piano, oganus maximus, flute, clarinets, sax
Ron Selico: drums
Shuggy Otis: bass
Produced by Frank Zappa 1969
Recorded by Dick Kunc, whitney Studios; Jack Hunt, TTG; Cliff Goldstein, TTG; Brian Ingoldsby, Sunset Sound

Has played with Bobby Womack, James Brown, Dweezil Zappa, John Mayall, Sam Cook & Shuggy Otis Band.

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